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Banners Are Dead. We Will Only Run Native Ads From Today!

Naveen Tewari
Naveen Tewari
5 min read
Posted on April 01, 2014
Banners Are Dead. We Will Only Run Native Ads From Today!

Consumers across the world have been crying for something far more beautiful than mobile banner ads. On the heels of our success with breakup with banners campaign (check out the video below) and feedback from a large number of constituents, we are going all-in into Native Advertising. We are bringing down the curtain on banner ads effective immediately. InMobi will only serve ads that are seamlessly integrated into the entire user experience.

As a company and as a group of entrepreneurs, we have been tremendously successful when we let go of the past and wholeheartedly embrace the future (be it evolving our business models, or building new products). Today we have taken the monumental step to bid adieu to the world of banner ads. We are convinced that this is going to usher in a change that will make mobile advertising the preferred way for engaging consumers across the globe (plus its good for consumers, advertisers and publishers alike).

More than 50 top publishers have already made the move, as have many advertisers. Over the next few days we will work with partners - publishers and advertisers, to bring InMobi's massive scale to world of native ads.

Why you should embrace Native Ads:

We launched our Native Ads platform in January and have seen great adoption from publishers and advertisers alike. Ad engagement rates have been upto 10 times higher and monetization upto 8 times more than traditional banner ads.

1. Powerful customization & control:

Publishers are in control with native ads. One can control ad layouts, user interactions and the complete look and feel of the ad.

2. Simple & Easy to use:

3 lines of code is all it takes to integrate and get started with native ads

3. Diverse Demand at Global Scale:

Publishers will have access to 100% of global ad campaigns running on our network from day one . In other words, experience superior monetization through InMobi’s partnership with global performance advertisers, ecommerce players and brand advertisers.

4. Access to programmatic demand and exchange capabilities:

This new platform is future ready and built to accept Native demand from hundreds of DSPs and exchanges.

All InMobi publishers should be hearing from their partner manager real soon. Alternately, drop us a note at iluvnativeads@inmobi.com


EDIT: As some of you may have figured, this was an April Fool's Hoax! Sincere apologies to those that were misled.

We write a follow-up post. Do take a look.

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