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Global Mobile Media Consumption: Reaching Millennials

Shamala DN
Shamala DN
5 min read
Posted on February 26, 2013
Global Mobile Media Consumption: Reaching Millennials

The Millennials are the educated, digital savvy, tech-proficient, optimistic trendsetters. They are the generation who are always connected and refuse to live without internet, cellphones or laptops. The Millennials, known to adapt and transition to the ever changing technologies, are soon to be the largest generation ever and with strong purchasing power they are extremely valuable to the marketers. In partnership with Decision Fuel & On Device Research, InMobi has uncovered the first truly global analysis of this highly influential demographic through our Global Mobile Media Consumption Study. The study explores mobile media behaviors of Millennials, defined as those aged 20-34, to provide advertisers with a deeper understanding of their media habits, purchase behavior and receptivity towards mobile ads. Here's a summary of the key takeaways of the survey, and what marketers and companies need to keep in mind as the generation continues to become more dominant

  • Millennial spend an average of 7.2 hours per day consuming media content, with more of that time spent on mobile devices than any other platform
  • 64% of global millennial mobile web users multi-task while watching TV and are mainly engaged in social activities followed by search, music and shopping.
  • Study reveals the accelerated usage of mobile apps among millennials; 27% of respondents stated they have actively used 6-10 apps in the last 30 days ,averaging to 6.5
  • 54% of millennial mobile web users now use mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online
  • Growth in mobile use in the coming year will be primarily driven by social media, apps download, and search activities
  • Millennials are also getting more accustomed to mobile ads: 63% of millennial mobile users are as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising
  • 88% of millennial mobile web users claimed they have noticed mobile advertising via the following channels and they recall seeing more ads while using mobile apps 56%, 42% via search engine, 27% on a retailer website and 26% on video ads
  • Mobile ads also proving to be effective: 79% of millennials admitted they'd been introduced to something new via their device, while 51% said they had made purchases using their mobile device. The findings make mobile media consumptionthe most influential channel for millennials purchasing decision process from beginning to end
  • 83% of millennials plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months, a +14% increase from where we are today

As always, tweets, comments and readership are welcome. We look forward to hearing your feedback. To Know more download the whitepaper and infographics to see the full set of data from this research.

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