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Growing with InMobi Mobile Remarketing

Rajesh Pantina
Rajesh Pantina
Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific
5 min read
Posted on August 08, 2016
Growing with InMobi Mobile Remarketing

Over the past 6 months, InMobi has focused on building a retargeting solution that enables performance marketers across industries such as retail, transport, news and entertainment, and gaming, maximize in-app engagement and revenues.

InMobi Remarketing is a comprehensive solution that enables advertisers to activate acquired users by nudging them to their first LifeTime Value (LTV) event, re-activate dormant users and retarget existing users to drive incremental revenues or engagement.

InMobi Mobile Remarketing witnesses the coming together of:

  1. Personalized recommendations based on user intent
  2. Dynamic and impactful messaging using native or video creatives and,
  3. Seamless transaction fulfilment by deep-linking with the advertiser app

Effective remarketing involves a 3 step process - Activation, Re-engagement and Retention.

Activating new users

Today, only 23% of daily active users are retained within the first 3 days of an app install. A lack of relevant engagement or an unsatisfactory in-app experience can trigger user dormancy or even uninstallation. This makes engaging with a recently acquired user within the first few days highly critical. The InMobi remarketing platform drives users at an early stage to engage with the app and complete their first in-app LTV event. Here are some examples:

  • Sign Up: A recently acquired entertainment app user is exposed to a carousel of trending bestsellers, thereby increasing dwell time and nudging the customer to open the app and sign up.
  • First Ride: A taxi app user is shown first-ride coupons during peak office hours with a ‘book’ button to order the much needed cab from within the ad unit.
  • First Purchase: A new retail app user sees current offers coupled with relevant information on fulfillment terms such as cash on delivery, thereby improving conversions.

Re-engaging dormant users

With app engagement currently measured on a day to day basis, users who have not visited the app in over 2 weeks or a month are considered dormant users. Lack of relevant content and an inconsistent cross-device experience are among the many reasons why users become inactive. While such users are often thought of as sunk costs or wasted budgets, smart remarketing can ensure that they are reactivated and re-engaged. Communicating the latest app updates and offers can drive users back to opening the app and engaging with it. Once dormant users have been reactivated, retargeting steers them to actively transact.

Retaining active users

An active user is a treasure trove for advertisers because of the depth of data on user-intent and preferences. Retargeting active users with recommendations based on user-intent can help maximize revenue per active user.

For instance, by understanding a user’s in-app search history, a music app can retarget that user and drive more in-app song purchases. Similarly, knowledge of a retail user’s browsing and purchase history can be used to suggest similar products or trigger pending actions such as transaction fulfillment.

Making remarketing campaigns work

The InMobi remarketing platform utilizes the power of creatives and accurate mobile tracking and attribution to deliver the retargeting promise.

Non-intrusive and real-time ads

Retargeting is effective because personalized user recommendations are delivered using ad formats that recreate the app experience, both in form and function. Detailed ad units with metadata such as price, ratings, high-quality product images that a user would seek or consider when buying a product can shorten the time taken for a user to transact. Immersive ad formats such as native carousels and videos provide a rich and interactive experience, gently guiding the user from a state of consideration to a state of transaction.

The ad experience, however, should be real-time with the availability of data on surge prices or price fluctuations and stock availability. InMobi achieves this by integrating with the advertisers’ inventory management and pricing systems.

An entertainment advertiser can drive transactions from within the ad unit by retargeting users in and around multiplexes with immersive ad units that showcase ticket availability and prices for a new movie release.

Rich, dynamic formats such as native carousels, interstitials and video deliver a compelling storefront-like user experience. Direct SDK integrations with 30,000+ mobile app publishers enables InMobi to harness premium inventory supply with complete creative control. Finally, seamless transaction capabilities within the ad unit simulate an offline shopping experience as closely as possible.

Data integrations and attribution

A seamless buying experience is enabled by deep-links with the advertiser’s app, directly landing a user from the ad unit on to the desired page within the app. This reduces transaction friction, thereby improving conversions.

InMobi’s Mobile Tracking and Attribution Partner (MTAP) Program, comprising of independent mobile attribution platforms such as TUNE, Kochava, Apsalar, Adjust and Appsflyer, gives advertisers the best-in-class solutions to capitalize on mobile remarketing. In addition to deep-linking, MTAPs enable vital backend integrations with the advertiser app. Backend integrations capture in-app browsing and purchase history for the curation of personalized recommendations. MTAPs also provide accurately tracked conversion data across publishers and ad formats. InMobi leverages attribution reports to analyze and optimize campaigns, maximizing return on investment(RoI), efficiently and at scale.

Performance marketers have made much headway in engaging customers by embracing the app revolution. Marking a shift towards personalization, apps have redefined the way advertisers engage with consumers. At the same time, leveraging the app ecosystem to retain and engage customers while maximizing the value derived out of them has become a challenge. The InMobi remarketing platform utilizes the power of highly contextual and personalized creatives to deliver the retargeting promise, efficiently and at scale. Savvy marketers can take the next step in unlocking growth with the InMobi Remarketing solution to maximize in-app engagement and revenues.

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