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Guaranteed Mobile Happiness This Holiday Season

James Riess
James Riess
Head of Mobile Strategy, North America
5 min read
Posted on November 11, 2014
Guaranteed Mobile Happiness This Holiday Season

Happiness, hope and reflection are definitely a part of the holiday season but do they all necessarily fit into your holiday season business plans?

Mobile advertising is set to be a $50 billion industry within the next decade according to Gartner and other research firms.

However, up until now most mobile media networks only guaranteed set brand impression levels, leaving brands guessing as to whether those impressions would translate into a tangible ROI.

But this holiday season, InMobi plans to disrupt the market by changing all that. InMobi is offering brands and marketers the opportunity to advertise on mobile with ' Guaranteed Outcomes'.

So What Exactly Is Guaranteed Outcomes?

InMobi’s Guaranteed Outcomes is a real-time decision engine for brands that guarantees the intended outcome for mobile advertisers. This offering goes beyond the traditional offerings like ad impressions, or click rates, and guarantees advertisers that a specific percentage of the consumers targeted by an advertising campaign will ‘interact’ and ‘engage’ with the brand.

How Does It Work?

  1. Advertiser and InMobi agree on a pre-defined outcome floor (the lowest acceptable engagement rate)
  2. InMobi uses machine learning and decision sciences to identify the audience micro-segments most likely to take action
  3. InMobi targets this audience with an immersive creative experience

Unlike typical performance-based campaigns Guaranteed Outcomes only serves an impression if the decision engine knows that the intended recipient is a member of the audience most-likely to take the desired action, thereby eliminating wasted impressions.

Let's take an example of a retail brand that wants to promote its offers for the upcoming holiday season and make sure it is minimizing spillage of its mobile advertising investment by targeting only customers with a high-propensity to take action. By leveraging InMobi Guaranteed Outcomes, the brand can achieve a minimum rate of coupon clips or retail location lookups, significantly increasing its chances of conversion and maximizing its ROI.

Big box retailers can guarantee the number of coupons clipped

Consumer electronics brands can guarantee the number of add-to-calendar downloads

What does all this translate to? Between 1.8X to 9.5X improvement over 'regular' campaigns across verticals like retail, CPG, auto and financial services and dare we say less wishing and more peace of mind. Go ahead and ask your ad network for guaranteed outcomes on your advertising campaign this holiday season. It is after all the season to be happy!

Learn more about how you can guarantee your customers a mobile happy holiday season!

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