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How to Build Multi-Touch Attribution Models with the Right Incentives [White Paper]

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on September 27, 2019
How to Build Multi-Touch Attribution Models with the Right Incentives [White Paper]

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Want to know more about how to build multi-touch attribution models that actually work for you and ensure that your partners are doing the right thing at every stage of the consumer journey? We’re here to help you move beyond single touch attribution and implement a mobile marketing attribution solution that eliminates fraud and ensures that everyone working with you is committed to optimizing your conversion events.

We recently teamed up with data-driven mobile attribution and in-app analytics experts at Kochava to develop a new white paper on multi-channel attribution and multi-touch attribution modeling best practices in the mobile in-app space. Be sure to grab your complimentary copy of How to Set Up a Multi-Touch Attribution Model: Understanding Incentive-Compatible Multi-Touch Attribution today! Whether you’re using the W-shaped model or the time decay model, or whether you’re focused on paid search or in-app advertising, this guide is for you.


Grab your free copy of this white paper today to learn about:

  • Why you need multi-touch attribution for your mobile marketing efforts.
  • How to set up your attribution models so that you’re incentivizing your partners to do the right thing at every marketing touchpoint.
  • What incentive-compatible multi-touch attribution looks like across the customer journey.
  • Why you should adopt a weighted model and why shouldn’t give equal credit to everyone.
  • How to set up a custom model for your campaigns, and how to collect the necessary information in as close to real time as possible.

White Paper Sneak Peak:

Enjoy the first section of the white paper before you download your own copy:

When you work with multiple channels for user acquisition, the incentives and attribution mechanisms you define ultimately determine the optimization of your ad spend and the quality of users you acquire.

The primary intent of your attribution model should not only be to identify the most effective channels but also to motivate those channels to engage in best practices (mitigating fraud, for example).

The question arises: How does one reward channel partners appropriately for acquiring valid users who achieve certain business metrics?

This white paper aims to answer aspects of both data and modelling, while introducing a solution for multi-touch attribution implementation that would properly reward the channels with the greatest material impact on campaigns.

Note: This white paper discusses implementation details of digital multi- touch attribution only. However, the concepts discussed can be extended to touchpoints beyond digital mediums.

Why Implement Multi-Touch Attribution?

While last-click attribution remains the most commonly used attribution methodology in the digital advertising industry to date, a multi-touch attribution model offers marketers a number of key improvements, including:

  1. Measuring numerous touchpoints accurately
    As the number of touchpoints on the customer journey to a purchase or conversion increases, so will the need for multi-touch attribution in order to measure it accurately. With more touchpoints, using only the final click, as in last-click attribution (LCA), to attribute and analyze campaign effectiveness is inaccurate and extremely risky because the last click represents only a small proportion of the overall number of touchpoints throughout the user’s interaction journey. LCA also inadvertently incentivizes and rewards low quality or fraudulent clicks that fail to account for the wider picture.
  2. Identifying the customer across multiple touchpoints
    While cross-platform identity is a challenging task, it is key to designing better acquisition and engagement strategies for mapping out or defining better customer journeys and also for achieving key performance indicator (KPI) goals. A fundamental aspect of multi-touch attribution is customer identity resolution.
  3. Increasing transparency
    Multi-touch attribution drives greater transparency and higher granularity, meaning more control to advertisers and budget holders. Given the complexity (the path to purchase is longer and more complex than ever before) and number of decisions (placement, targeting, creative, etc.) necessary to run an effective ad campaign, a sound measurement strategy must have high granularity and demand transparency from channel partners. This is delivered by multi-touch attribution.

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