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How to Write the Perfect End Cards for Maximum Mobile Engagement

Joel Kirk
Joel Kirk
Marketing Manager, North America
5 min read
Posted on August 21, 2017
How to Write the Perfect End Cards for Maximum Mobile Engagement

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to work and play, and brands and retailers are responding to this behavior with mobile advertisements.

According to eMarketer, in 2016, mobile advertisers spent $46 billion on ads. More than half of that money, $24 billion, was allocated to unseen browser ads. Consumers are spending 90% of their time on their mobile devices in apps, which means that browser-based campaigns are going unnoticed. In addition, mobile video has been proven to deliver more than 10 times the engagement of banner ads.

To get the most return out of their mobile video ad campaigns, retailers and brands should be adding "end cards" into their video experiences that capture consumers’ attention and persuades them to take action. The following are ideas for getting the most out of mobile video ads with end cards.

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Why are end cards important?

End cards give the viewer something to do after seeing an advertisement. From an advertiser’s perspective, end cards provide a templated yet customizable rich-media experience for greater engagement. In fact, according to InMobi data, interactive end cards following a 15-second video drive up to 9x engagement over static banner ads. End cards are a way to increase engagement and keep viewers attentive until the very last second.

If you’re considering using this advertising method, the following are ideas for getting the most out of mobile video ads with end cards.

Write engaging copy and include special access element

Your end card copy may include enticing language and a special offer only for mobile ad viewers. For example, you could provide a limited-time discount code or access to behind-the-scenes video of how your product is manufactured. Make it clear that the offer is going to expire soon to encourage consumers to take action.

Choose two-to-three calls to action max

You do not want to overwhelm the viewer, especially because he or she cannot do too much on a mobile device. The call-to-action should be distinct and easy to take advantage of via a mobile phone, tablet or watch. Do not complicate your offering with too many possible outcomes.

Make sure button and copy match device behavior

Your call-to-action button needs to be big and clickable, and your copy should be easy to read on a mobile device. Don’t replicate your desktop call-to-action if it cannot be completed on the go. Instead, choose something that is mobile-friendly like, “Find your nearest restaurant/ATM/store/deal.” When users click, they should be taken to another link within the mobile app experience or to a mobile-responsive website.

Capture a mobile lead on the move

Since you’re trying to gain information from a mobile lead, make it simple for him or her to provide data and fill out a form. Place a maximum of two fields on your form and only ask for easy information like name and email or name and phone number. Additionally, take advantage of a mobile device’s unique features: the camera, the gyroscope, etc. A

You can further extend engagement with a series of videos: If users have shown interest, give them more of the content they love! Adding additional video clips can maximize your media performance and extend your 15-second spot into minutes of users’ attention.

Understand the Key Performance Indicator you want to track

Once you’ve created your end cards and integrated them into your mobile video advertisements, track how well they are working and whether or not you are reaching your KPI goals. For instance, you could look at how often users are clicking the deep links within your ad and the links that take them out of the app. You could measure how many leads you capture with your forms and if people are watching your entire video ads as well.

Getting started with engaging mobile video ad end cards

Are you interested in creating attention-grabbing end cards? Find out more about InMobi’s Ad Formats services today.

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