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​[Infographic] The Hurried Indian

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on September 19, 2016
​[Infographic] The Hurried Indian

Who is really watching TV when India is hurrying to get places?

India’s online video viewership stands at 81.7 million viewers and is only expected to rise. Video streaming is expected to account for over 60 percent of mobile data traffic in 2018, as consumers increase the number of videos they watch and upload[1].Not only has video consumption increased, but Indian users are also spending more than 2 hours on their mobile devices[2]. This nudged us to take a closer look at the video ad trends on our network. On taking a deeper look and analysing millions of video ad impressions delivered by our network, we extrapolated some actionable insights for our advertisers. Based on these insights, we present to you the infographic, “The Hurried Indian”.

You can download this infographic from here.

[1]Comscore Inc., 2016
[2] Ooyala, 2016

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