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InMobi Insights : Indonesia is the App Download Capital of the World

Pooja Kalloor
Pooja Kalloor
Sr. Insights Analyst
5 min read
Posted on June 10, 2015
InMobi Insights : Indonesia is the App Download Capital of the World

Through 2018, less than 1% of consumer apps will be considered financially successful by their developers. As competition intensifies over the years, the race to get your app to the top will be. As you plan your user acquisition and monetization strategy, it might be helpful to explore the latest trends in the mobile ecosystem.

The latest set of infographics from InMobi on The State of App Download and Monetization, June 2015 offers some insights. Here are some key trends on the mobile app economies of the world based on analysis of millions of app downloads on the InMobi network for Q1 2015.

  1. Indonesia surpasses USA to become the top app download destination with a share of 17%. This growth is mainly driven by a intense demand for Game and Communication apps courtesy local smartphone manufacturers offering lower cost handsets, cheaper mobile internet charges and a technology hungry audience.
  2. As Philippines boasts of the highest per capita app downloads of 16 (16 downloads per 100 users). This is followed by Indonesia.
  3. UK : App downloads over Android phones cost app developers 13% more than an iOS download. This is contrary to the norm where downloads over iOS cost more than on Android.
  4. Gaming app installs have grown > 200% Y-o-Y given their global appeal and demand.
  5. mCommerce apps have seen great uptake in South Korea (39% share), Indonesia (14%), Saudi Arabia (16%) and China (12%)

In the next four years, app stores revenues are likely to double. As apps become a way of life, a lot more money will be up for grabs for app developers. Coupled with an ever increasing smartphone population, a sound strategy for your apps is essential.

Start now by downloading our Global and Regional Infographics on the state of world's app economies.

Interested in understanding more about this report and how it could impact your business? Reach out to our insights team at insights@inmobi.com.

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