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InMobi is a TUNE Global Platinum Advertising Partner for third year in a row

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on October 12, 2016
InMobi is a TUNE Global Platinum Advertising Partner for third year in a row

InMobi has featured as a Global Platinum Advertising Partner for the third year in a row in the 2016 edition of the Top 25 Global A dvertising Partners released by TUNE, the leading mobile analytics platform. Ranked No. 7, InMobi has been recognized as a high-performing partner that helps Advertisers reach the marketing goals by delivering on what marketers need the most - RESULTS.

How TUNE identified the top partners

Evaluating more than 1000 partners, the advertiser list ranks TUNE-integrated partners on the basis of the quality of users and Return on Investment (RoI) across brand and performance advertising campaigns.

The advertising partners were evaluated across 8 different aspects:

  1. Adoption - market presence evaluated as the number of marketers deriving value out of each ad partner
  2. Reputation - Do marketers view the ad partner as transparent and trustworthy?
  3. TUNE Certification - ad partners certified under the TUNE certification program for adhering to best practices and complete visibility into results
  4. Scale - level of engagement measured in clicks that an ad partner drives
  5. User Acquisition - effectiveness of campaigns with the ad partners
  6. User Retention - measured as the number of active users across different user cohorts (Day 1, 2, 3, 7 and 14) from app install campaigns
  7. Return on Investment - the revenue per install that ad partners drive measured over 30 and 60 day windows

InMobi - a strong ecosystem player

In this constantly innovative and disruptive advertising landscape, InMobi is a strong ecosystem player and a preferred advertising partner for leading advertisers across the globe. “Today, InMobi is one of the largest, independent, full-stack mobile advertising platforms in the world. As a mobile-only player since inception, we have invested heavily in building out the technology stack across both the demand and supply sides of the ecosystem.” Piyush Shah, Chief Product Officer at InMobi said on the rankings.

Specializing in advanced pub monetization through Native & Video ads, InMobi enables advertisers to leverage advanced audience targeting & measurement capabilities to engage mobile users effectively across different stages of their lifecycle. “Leveraging a combination of advanced data sciences and immersive ad experiences, we are able to help a wide range of customers - be it the CMO of a Fortune 500 brand or a bootstrapped developer of the next big app. With our depth and sophistication of technology and a potential reach of 1.5+ billion unique users across the globe, we enjoy leadership in several key markets across the US, Europe and Asia. We are also proud to be the largest advertising platform for iOS in China," concluded Piyush.

About TUNE

TUNE is a leading mobile analytics platform committed to making mobile marketing better for everyone. TUNE Mobile App Tracking (MAT) is an unbiased platform for mobile marketers to attribute channels and partners to users that were acquired, engaged and retained. As a part of the InMobi Mobile Tracking and Attribution Program (MTAP) TUNE aims to provide advertisers the best-in-class solutions for independent, secure and accurate attribution.

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