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InMobi Joins Google's Bidding Program as Ad Source

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
3 min read
Posted on July 28, 2021
InMobi Joins Google's Bidding Program as Ad Source

In the last couple of years, the mobile advertising industry has witnessed publishers embracing in-app bidding over traditional ad waterfalls. Adding to this momentum, we are pleased to announce that InMobi is now available as an ad source with bidding on Google.

Bidding is Google’s server-side bidding solution, through which multiple demand sources can bid simultaneously in real time for publisher’s inventory. This allows publishers to identify and earn the highest value for each impression.  

Strengthen Your Ad Monetization with InMobi  

Publishers using both Google Ad Manager and Google AdMob as their primary ad server can add InMobi as a bidding demand source. InMobi connects with Google using an OpenRTB integration. The InMobi SDK is not involved.  We currently support banners, interstitial and video ads. Native ads will be supported down the line in 2021. The integration will also support monetization of mobile web inventory in the next release.  

“InMobi is thrilled to join Google’s Bidding program. We strongly believe in the benefits in-app bidding offers in terms of maximizing publisher revenue, eCPMs and fill rates. Google has been a pivotal partner for InMobi, and we are excited about the monetization outcomes we can deliver for our publishers with this integration,” said Ram (TK) Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Customer Success at InMobi.   

Why Activate InMobi with Bidding on Google?  

In-app bidding allows publishers to maximize monetization results by increasing the competition for each impression at scale, as multiple buyers bid in real time. Apart from adding multiple bidders to the ad stack, the revenue generated, and user experience an app provides are also determined by who is bidding on the inventory.   

Here are the top three reasons why you should add InMobi as an ad source with bidding on Google:  

1) Premium Video Demand Dollars: Access premium video demand from leading brands through InMobi. In 2020, video ads accounted for 23% of the total ad spending on InMobi. We see an upward trend in 2021 with video ad spending in Q1 2021 being 2.7x higher than Q1 2020 as more advertisers are focusing on high ROI formats like interstitial video and rewarded video. 

2) Greater Monetization Performance: Unlock significant monetization performance growth by adding InMobi as an in-app bidding ad source. We have seen publishers earn up to 3x eCPMs and 5x ad revenue in 2020 by partnering with InMobi across various bidding platforms.   

3) Effortless Integration: The integration process is simple as you only need to add InMobi as a demand source on your existing Google ad stack. This means you can complete the integration without incurring any additional costs or compromising on operational efficiency.  

If you would like to get started, our Customer Success Managers are here to help you with setup and configuration. Email us at googlebidding@inmobi.com for more information.  

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