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InMobi Native Ads On South Korea’s #1 Social Network Platform

Joyce Cho
Joyce Cho
5 min read
Posted on March 30, 2015
InMobi Native Ads On South Korea’s #1 Social Network Platform


Native advertising is all the rage across the world. And in the land of the world’s highest smartphone penetration and the fastest average internet connection speed, native advertising has been adopted as the key monetization solution for South Korea’s number one social network, KakaoStory. KakaoStory is a photo sharing social networking service launched by KakaoTalk, the messenger app installed on 98% of the Korean population’s smartphones. KakaoStory remains the most popular SNS app among South Koreans with 55 million users, with a dominant user base of females in their teens to 40s.

The native ad slot on this top ranking app is strategically positioned on the third, fourth or fifth feed and has been adopted by a wide range of advertisers with different goals from app download to brand engagement. We’re excited to announce the beginning of InMobi’s partnership with KakaoStory Performance Advertising. InMobi Native Ads, an innovative native advertising platform supercharged with numerous targeting capabilities, has been integrated with KakaoStory Performance Advertising effective March 1st, 2015. With this partnership, advertisers can now benefit from the powerful targeting technology only offered by InMobi when they choose to run campaigns on KakaoStory.

From Audience Personas to Appographic targeting, InMobi enables brands and app developers to reach their target audience at maximum efficiency. And for the 55 million users of KakaoStory, this means being able to see ads that are more relevant to their interests and needs. While InMobi Native Ads has been proven to produce 3X or higher click-through-rates than standard banner units, we are anticipating an even more intense synergy effect between the product’s targeting capabilities and the non-intrusive ad experience on KakaoStory.

This partnership marks a giant leap towards a future where native advertising thrives in the South Korean mobile ad scene like never before.

Interested in advertising with InMobi Native Ads on KakaoStory?

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