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InMobi Now Integrated With MoPub's Advanced Bidding

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on May 03, 2021
InMobi Now Integrated With MoPub's Advanced Bidding

With in-app header bidding being widely adopted by publishers across the globe in 2020, we are excited to kickstart the new quarter with InMobi’s integration with MoPub’s in-app bidding solution, Advanced Bidding.   
Advanced Bidding is the reimagination of header bidding for the mobile app environment, and is designed to help publishers more efficiently monetize their inventory by replacing the traditional ad waterfall with simultaneous real-time bidding from ad networks and DSPs.  

Gaming and non-gaming publishers using MoPub Advanced Bidding can now access InMobi's premium demand through this integration.  
“As the foundation for our customers' deep-rooted growth in the short and long term, MoPub is a big believer in Advanced Bidding and a true unified auction. We are excited to have InMobi as a real-time bidding network and believe their participation in this way will help bring incremental benefits to app creators, marketers and users,” said Ben Kaplan, Product Marketing Lead at MoPub. 

“MoPub has long been a marquee partner for us here at InMobi, and we are excited about this new opportunity. Both our advertiser and publisher partners will benefit immensely from this integration,” said Ram (TK) Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Customer Success at InMobi. 

Why Enable InMobi on MoPub’s Advanced Bidding? 

If you are evaluating new bidders to be added to your MoPub Advanced Bidding setup, here are three reasons why you should add InMobi: 

1) Stronger Monetization Outcomes 
Exposing your inventory to more buyers can fetch higher returns by increasing the competition for your impressions, yielding higher fills, eCPMs and revenue. Leading gaming and non-gaming publishers have already seen up to 3x eCPMs and 5x ad revenue growth through InMobi’s header bidding integrations. 

2) Improved Demand Diversity 
While having a wide range of bidding networks is essential to maximize returns from header bidding setups, the quality of demand flowing in is also critical. Enabling InMobi as a demand source on MoPub will open your access to premium, high-quality demand from over 120 leading DSPs and the 20,000 advertisers sitting behind them, including leading brand names and Fortune 500 companies. 

3) Hassle-Free Integration 
Another advantage of InMobi’s integration with MoPub is that you can easily get started with monetization by simply adding InMobi as a demand source without incurring any additional costs. 

Get Started Right Away 

  1. Integrate the latest SDKs from MoPub and InMobi through the latest adapter. 
  2. Set up, configure and map placements on the InMobi UI. 
  3. Add InMobi as a demand source on the MoPub UI and configure InMobi placement IDs. 

MoPub UI

In case you have any questions, please reach out to your InMobi Customer Success Manager or write to support@inmobi.com

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