InMobi Partners with Admost, Aequus, and HyperBid for In-App Bidding

    Team InMobi
    Team InMobi
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    Posted on August 22, 2022
    InMobi Partners with Admost, Aequus, and HyperBid for In-App Bidding

    We are pleased to announce that InMobi SSP is now available as a demand source on three new in-app bidding platforms – Admost, Aequus, and HyperBid. Publishers can now access InMobi’s premium demand from the world’s top advertisers via these new integrations.  

    “InMobi has always believed in the benefits of in-app bidding for maximizing publisher revenue, eCPMs, and fill rates. We also strongly believe that publishers should be able to work with us on the in-app bidding platform of their choice. We are thrilled to expand on this philosophy by partnering with Admost, Aequus, and HyperBid as a real-time demand source,” said Kunal Nagpal, SVP and GM, InMobi SSP.    

    “As Admost Mediation Limited, we've always been more than satisfied with the support that we receive from the Inmobi Team and now our partnership is now even more strong by adding Inmobi as our new bidding partner to our rich bidding inventory. The immediate response to all our issues has been the foundation of the trust that we built while we do business together and we have confidence that this partnership will always grow in this sense,” Ayşegül Yıldırım, CEO of Admost Mediation Limited.

    “We believe this new partnership will add further value to both HyperBid and our publishers as we expand our bidding demand sources with InMobi, one of the best bidding partner in the industry. This is a key step forward in making it seamless for publishers to maximize ad revenue and improve operational efficiency. InMobi supports the move to an open and fair ecosystem, helping our app publishers and developers have access to a more transparent and more efficient ad monetization ecosystem,” said Morten E. Wulff, CEO of HyperBid. 

    The mode of integration for all three platforms is via our SDK, and we support a range of ad formats like banner, interstitials, and video formats, including rewarded ads. Apart from these new integrations, we have delivered strong monetization results for our publishers across leading in-app bidding platforms like AppLovin’s MAX, Amazon’s TAM, ironSource, DT FairBid, Prebid, and Google’s Open Bidding.  

    If you would like to get started, please check our support portal pages for our three new partners: Admost, Aequus, and HyperBid. If you have more questions, please reach out to your InMobi Customer Success Manager or write to

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