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InMobi Pulse: Always-On Research Helps Marketers Stay Relevant

Jelam Bhatt
Jelam Bhatt
Associate Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on September 10, 2018
InMobi Pulse: Always-On Research Helps Marketers Stay Relevant

In layman’s terms, the core purpose of marketing is to influence customers’ buying behavior for higher sales and ROI. But for any marketer, the difficulty lies in running thoroughly researched marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Given how trends come and go in a flash, marketers often struggle to stay on top of changing customer expectations and buying behaviors. This prevents them from staying in touch with on-the-ground realities at all times. The truth is that marketers just can’t do without these consumer insights for strategizing and executing timely marketing decisions. They need it to stay relevant, influence customers’ purchase intent and increase brand engagement.

To measure and monitor the constantly changing consumer preferences, marketers truly need a platform that empowers them to engage in always-on research, or the ability to conduct market research and surveys on the go, in close to real time. A recent study suggests that successful marketers are 242 percent more likely to engage in consumer research at least once in every quarter. However, the conventional tools and methods for market research are typically constrained by budget, panel size and time limitations, making always-on research less feasible.

With InMobi Pulse, our mobile-first market research platform, marketers can easily carry out always-on research and surveys. This way, marketers can quickly, accurately and reliably generate the survey responses they need to formulate an impactful and appropriate marketing strategy.

Why Always-On Research Matters for Marketers

Today’s markets brim with numerous brands engaging in a neck and neck race to capture the attention of customers who have turned more passive to marketing activities. As per recent statistical data, nearly 39 percent of marketers believe their marketing strategy is ineffective! To avoid expensive mistakes, marketers need research and survey methodologies that make them more relevant and impactful.

Conventional research approaches take a long time and can’t consistently capture insights on temporary events and short trends amid fast-moving markets. With mobile-first survey platforms like InMobi Pulse, the time lag between executing a study and gathering responses in a research is reduced to a matter of hours.

For brands looking to track down and follow ongoing trends to build a compelling marketing plan, always-on research is useful in keeping a closer watch on current market situations and leveraging the accuracy and reliability of timely survey responses.

Simply put, InMobi Pulse allows marketers to have a better hold on subtle variations that are relevant to the brand and avoid basing their decisions on historic information from long, drawn out research processes.

Always-on research with InMobi Pulse benefits marketers in three key ways:

  1. Customer Centricity on Constant Basis: To increase customer centricity, brands need to continuously stay in touch with their target audience and understand them at a deep level. These insights help shed light on changing tastes, audience perceptions of brands and behavioral patterns, all of which facilitates strategic planning and decision-making.

  2. Increase Measurability of Marketing Activities: Always-on research with InMobi Pulse allows brands to track and measure changes in sales volumes, buyers’ engagement, satisfaction and loyalty impacted by marketing activities. With conventional research methods, it is difficult to observe these changes due to lengthy customer feedback loops.
  3. Cause-Effect Analysis: On a continuous basis, brands need to track NPS (net promoter score) and other brand metrics within their target groups and various audience segments to draw correlations between brand metrics and other happenings within the business. With InMobi Pulse, marketers can engage in always-on studies to observe cause-effect analysis and check the level of impact on customer satisfaction levels, loyalty and brand perception, among other important metrics.

How InMobi Pulse Makes Always-On Research Possible

InMobi Pulse leverages InMobi’s existing mobile network to increase the reach of market research by providing access to nearly 1.6 billion mobile users. As users’ daily average spending on mobile devices surges, mobile becomes even more relevant for research agencies to directly reach audience and engage in exploratory, descriptive and quick research.

In comparison to other research methods, mobile surveys provide a few key benefits:

No Recency Biases: Point-in-time research suffers from recency biases. Meaning, the results from a market study conducted at a specific period will only be relevant to the trends and situations prevailing at that time. Audience’s responses differ across different settings, situations and periods. InMobi Pulse allows marketers reach target audiences via mobile to gain responses in hours, as opposed to waiting for days or months to follow up. Relying on historic data to avoid recency biases is like trying to win a foot race against a cheetah; it’s just not going to end well.

No Relevancy Biases: Audience responses are subject to the changes that both markets and customers undergo on a constant basis. The recurrent transformations cause shifts in customers’ needs, requirements, expectations, perceptions and satisfaction levels, making their responses from one standalone survey irrelevant with time and changing trends. This is called relevancy bias. Through InMobi Pulse, marketers can run new surveys at any point or state to extract audience insights hot off the press.

Less Scope for Panel Exhaustion: Sometimes, marketers run out of new and appropriate audiences for surveys. With InMobi Pulse, marketers can push questions for formulating timely, valid and accurate insights from unique and fresh audiences without exhausting the same survey panels.

Simple and Cost-Effective Research: InMobi Pulse’s reach also comes with the advantage of economies of scale. Marketers can engage in mobile-optimized research and surveys almost every day, without incurring huge expenses. One of the advantages of always-on surveying is no more hefty spending for organizing research resources and activities. At the same time, InMobi Pulse allows marketers to gain control and transparency on research and keep it economical.

Always-on research is instrumental to tracking all the marketing metrics that change on a constant basis and are indicative of the brand or business performance round the clock. Always-on research thus lends itself to the following studies which largely belong to Brand Pulse and Customer Pulse:

NPS Studies: NPS is useful in understanding customer loyalty and satisfaction levels by studying their likelihood to recommend the brands to their peers. InMobi Pulse helps product companies and service providers leverage the reach of mobile to conduct studies and surveys that measure their brand’s NPS on an ongoing basis, establishing a continual feedback loop.

CSat Studies: Always-on research through InMobi Pulse is useful in conducting studies on customer satisfaction levels, or CSat studies, by tracking customers’ feedback on products or services. This also helps marketers understand the sensitive areas that need attention.

Brand Tracking Studies: InMobi Pulse helps marketers to measure their market foothold and brand awareness levels across different audience segments on a regular basis through mobile surveys. The platform helps in discovering nuances in brand impact levels on target groups, along with their brand perceptions and affinity. Always-on research with InMobi Pulse is also useful in tracking brand performance and competitive benchmarking.

Tracking Brand Metric across Different Segments: InMobi Pulse allows marketers to track brand metrics like NPS, customer satisfaction levels and brand awareness on the go. This helps marketers have an insightful picture on the varying impact of brand activities and simultaneously observe it across different audience segments.

Always-on research is one of the game-changing bonuses of InMobi Pulse that helps brands and marketing agencies to steer clear of issues that can plague decision-making when quality, timely data is not used. If knowledge is power, then InMobi Pulse is a quick and efficient way for marketers to become more powerful and impactful in the organization.

InMobi Pulse is designed to help marketers take insight driven and data-backed decisions, every day. Find out more about what InMobi Pulse has to offer to bolster your business at InMobi Pulse.

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