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InMobi Pulse – Making Market Research “Do it Yourself”

Iman Kalyan Pande
Iman Kalyan Pande
5 min read
Posted on October 15, 2018
InMobi Pulse – Making Market Research “Do it Yourself”

“Research is the starting point of marketing. Without research, a company enters a market like a blind man.” - Phillip Kotler, Distinguished Author and Professor of Marketing

It’s true that marketing starts and ends with understanding the customer. But marketing to consumers today is different from what it was like in 1999, when Kotler wrote ‘Kotler on Marketing’. From A/B testing to the popularity of “Agile Marketing,” marketing and marketing tools have evolved to new levels of sophistication and speed. And yet, market research still feels like the 1990s.

For one, old-school approaches prevail. Market research still relies on panels, which lose effectiveness over time as panel members experience “survey fatigue.” Whether it’s survey phone calls or emails, panel members are bombarded with requests, making survey responses become less objective and authentic. Additionally, recruiting new panel members is hard, which is why the industry is still reliant on in-person, phone and email recruitment and participation incentives.

Time to market also has not caught up to the needs of today’s marketers. It typically takes market researchers at least two months to recruit panels, write and disseminate surveys, collect data and develop analyses.

To help address these concerns, we’ve developed InMobi Pulse.

So how is InMobi Pulse different? By leveraging our 10-year experience in mobile and AI, InMobi has created a platform that is delivering outstanding results for customers:

  • Many customers report that InMobi Pulse delivers 5x reach over their traditional panels (by leveraging the InMobi network of 1.6 billion-plus global mobile users).
  • Advanced machine learning capabilities ensure greater survey accuracy and more powerful deep insights.

InMobi Pulse changes the game for marketing – bringing research results live in days, not months. Think of it as a “Do It Yourself” market research platform, including survey authoring, user targeting and real-time dashboards.


The easy-to-use survey editor enables users to build stunning mobile surveys in a matter of minutes. The tool makes it possible to leverage the following smartphone capabilities for optimized mobile usage:

  • Advanced survey formats and survey experiences: Beyond radio buttons and checkbox options, the survey editor provides a wide variety format choices such as image select, star ratings, 10-point scales and matrix questions to help marketers conduct a variety of research studies.

Intuitive Authoring Screen

  • Innovative capture of qualitative feedback: Users can capture qualitative responses via the support of unaided text input- and voice-based responses.
  • Easily incorporate video and rich media: Frequently test creative – regardless of format – and ensure a real feedback loop by measuring post campaign impact.With its visual media support, InMobi Pulse makes it easy to conduct creative testing and post campaign brand lift analysis.
  • Intelligent survey design: Utilize advanced features such as logical jumps to skip certain questions, screener questions to filter the respondents, response piping to subsequent questions, and the ability to randomize questions.

> Easily Insert Screener Questions


After authoring the survey, users then choose the target audience, including lifestyle-based segments and 125+ pre-defined personas ready for use. Users can also leverage advanced location targeting capabilities from a range of point-of-interest categories or any of the 200,000+ precisely mapped building locations. To meet specific research requirements, users can tie quotas to maintain the intended respondent profile composition.

Leverage Precise Targeting Tools

Reporting and Dashboards

Once the survey is published, responses are collated into insightful reports which are continually updated as more responses are received. The output is layered in with AI-powered highlights, calling out correlations clearly.

> Access real-time, AI-powered dashboards

Our mobile-optimized surveys yield high completion rates and enable quicker time to market. At the same time, the platform employs 30+ machine learning-powered validation checks. Signals such as time spent on survey input, response patterns, phone orientation, gyro and passive user data help determine if the survey is getting good responses, ensuring the derivation of high-quality insights.

The dashboard allows for roll-up and drill-down, crosstabs and auto-generated AI-based insights. The interactive dashboard can be shared, downloaded into PDFs, or exported into .csv files for further analysis.

InMobi Pulse enables a new type of market research: “DIY” market research that ensures research and feedback power the entire business. Now, product concept testing, campaign creative design and the hundreds of other daily decisions that require customer feedback can be powered by InMobi Pulse. It is about time we made market research as sophisticated and agile as the rest of marketing today.

InMobi Pulse officially launches today. After already touching 4 million-plus mobile users globally in less than 6 months during our beta phase, we invite you to see how easy and impactful DIY research can be with InMobi Pulse. Get started with your market research study at pulse.inmobi.com.

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