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InMobi Recertified by TAG for Fourth Year in a Row

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on March 23, 2021
InMobi Recertified by TAG for Fourth Year in a Row

InMobi has once again received the official Certification Against Fraud (CAF) designation from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). InMobi has been certified for every year since 2018. 

While InMobi is one of hundreds of companies that have received some kind of certification from TAG this year, InMobi is in rare company to have its anti-fraud capabilities validated by TAG for four years in a row. This proves that InMobi has best-of-breed tools and processes in place to fight fraud and dramatically reduce the instances of issues such as invalid traffic. While over 600 companies have registered with TAG, less than 500 have received any kind of certification from them. 

“In a year of wrenching dislocation and rising criminal activity, the world’s leading digital advertising companies looked to TAG standards for stability, continuity, and protection, and they demanded their supply chain partners set the same high bar,” said TAG CEO Mike Zaneis in a release. “This was a tipping point year in which the TAG seals became prerequisites for doing business in nearly every global market and sector of the industry.” 

InMobi has received the CAF seal through independent validation by a third-party auditor. In addition, InMobi is anti-fraud certified in all regions of the world, including North America. 

So, what does the CAF recertification mean? According to research, TAG Certified Channels have over 90% less fraud than non-certified channels. In fact, the average IVT rate in TAG Certified Channels is just 0.6%, while the overall fraud rate on these channels was around 1%. This rate was measured off over 350 billion impressions in 2020, and includes app-first channels like in-app video, in-app display and connected television. 

“The remarkable success of TAG’s certification programs rests on the active participation of hundreds of member companies, who have worked with TAG to strengthen and adapt our standards each year while taking the rigorous steps needed to turn those standards into practice across the industry,” said Todd Miller, Director of Compliance at TAG. 

InMobi has long been committed to fighting mobile ad fraud and championing a clean and open programmatic landscape. Our CAF recertification is just another proof point of our dedication and devotion to clamping down on ad fraud and making programmatic work for everyone. 

Interested in learning more about all the ways in which InMobi is committed to improving trust and transparency in in-app programmatic advertising? Reach out today to get the inside scoop. 

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