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Introducing InFocus - Creative Excellence On Mobile

Ramya Rajan
Ramya Rajan
5 min read
Posted on May 12, 2015
Introducing InFocus - Creative Excellence On Mobile

“[An artist is].... one who is building things. Some with a brush. Some with a shovel. Some choose a pen” - Jackson Pollock

... and some choose pixels and a 5” glass screen.

Mobile ads aren’t just art. They showcase the wonderful confluence of art and science; the marriage of scientifically-backed persuasion with artistic communication. Great mobile ads don’t just look pretty; they grab consumers’ attention and proceed to both inform and entertain.

Introducing InFocus by InMobi, a quarterly showcase for remarkable mobile brand creatives. We want to cast the spotlight on the virtuosos that produce aesthetic, thought-provoking, and engaging brand creatives that consistently delight consumers. Our top creative folk have put their heads together to showcase one outstanding creative, along with several other top units that have run in Europe on the InMobi network.

And so, without further ado, the winner of the very-first InFocus by InMobi is...

Zenith Optimedia UK, M&C Saatchi, and NatWest UK

Zenith, M&C Saatchi, and NatWest brought their A-game by creating an engaging and colourful multiple-choice quiz, using the InMobi platform. With the lovely Rachel Riley as quiz-host, the rich-media experience educated users about financial trivia in a fun, informative, and memorable way.

The other great brand creatives that our jury of creative directors picked were:

Initiative Media Warszawa and Orange Polska

Initiative Media Warszawa put on a cute-suit for NJU Mobile / Orange Polska with a beautiful labyrinth-based gamified ad. With the InMobi platform, users can shake and tilt their phones like game controllers, making the most of the phone's accelerometer and gyroscope.

Initiative Media Warszawa and BMW Polska

In a class act, Initiative Media Warszawa used the InMobi platform to recreate the stunning experience of exploring the Mini 5 Door on mobile. Users can click on carefully placed zoom spots that display the features of the car in a visually rich way or swipe to bring out car interiors, to enjoy this visually informative treat.

Mindshare Italy and Danone Actimel

For Danone Actimel, Mindshare Italy created a fun ad that asks users to shake their phones to activate a video about Actimel. With the InMobi platform, Mindshare emphasized how the nutrient-rich beverage would kickstart a user’s day.

Congratulations to the Zenith UK, M&C Saatchi, and NatWest UK teams for their top-notch performance! And congratulations to Initiative Media Warszawa and Mindshare Italy for the amazing art they’ve brought to the small advertising screen.

For more information on creative possibilities with mobile, please check out InMobi Creative Services, our ad gallery, our customer stories, or reach us at brand@inmobi.com.

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