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Introducing User Opt-In Video Ads on InMobi Exchange

Tanvi Kapoor
Tanvi Kapoor
Director - Product Marketing
5 min read
Posted on November 05, 2015
Introducing User Opt-In Video Ads on InMobi Exchange

Attention, brand marketers! It’s the Holiday season and we are excited to present to you a way to spread the cheer with video ads your users will love.

Video viewing on the mobile phone is exploding globally with estimates suggesting it will account for 50% of all mobiledata consumption by 2019. Likewise, mobile video advertising is growing and researchers expect it to cross $6 billion by 2018.

While video advertising has been great for the advertiser in terms of securing consumer attention and spreading the brand message, concerns are often raised around viewability and completion rates.

InMobi has long been moving towards a consumer-first approach to mobile advertising that provides a more valuable user experience and improved performance rates for brands. The InMobi Exchange now enables this vision through Opt-In video ads that allow users to discover great products based on their consent. This ensures the marketing message is well received and provides higher performance for the brand campaign .

The equivalent of rewarded video ads, opt-in video enables advertisers to buy in-app video inventory with 90%+ completion rates and high user intent. A recent study by Millward Brown, AdReaction Video, reports highest consumer favorability for opt-in videos amongst digital media. User opt-in video ads are most common in apps which feature virtual goods and IAP.

User opt-in video ads are essentially 10-30-second ad spots that are seamlessly woven into the app experience at relevant points in a consumer’s journey. For example, an ad spot that encourages players to watch a video ad and gain a life back. InMobi currently supports VAST video formats (2.0 and above) for these placements. The InMobi Exchange lets brands control their ad campaigns with programmatic tools across 17000 apps.

If you are a brand marketer and want to try our new opt-in video ad offering programmatically this holiday season, write to us at efficientbuying@inmobi.com

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Tanvi has been in the telecom industry for the last 6 years and is successfully using her understanding of the mobile user in the exciting mobile advertising ecosystem. In her latest role, she is responsible for dissecting the inspirations behind the user behavior on the mobile and identifying the best monetization strategies for the evolving mobile ecosystem.

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