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Launching Audience Bidding: An In-App Header Bidding Solution Built for Growth

Neeraja Rajeev
Neeraja Rajeev
5 min read
Posted on May 14, 2019
Launching Audience Bidding: An In-App Header Bidding Solution Built for Growth

At InMobi, we are happy to announce the launch of one of the most innovative in-app header bidding/pre-bid solutions in the market, Audience Bidding, as part of our latest SDK release. Audience Bidding not only helps publishers drive advertising revenues up but also helps them increase average revenue per user (ARPU), steering publishers towards more sustainable monetization.

With programmatic advertising on the rise, publishers now often work with a mediation platform of their choice to monetize across multiple ad networks simultaneously. However, most mediation platforms prioritize ad networks based on a “waterfall” method that limits publishers from maximizing their revenues.

In-app header bidding/pre-bid solutions were introduced in the industry as a workaround for this challenge. It improves the efficiency of your mediation waterfall by bringing together all demand sources in a more efficient flat auction or unified auction. It is little wonder that in-app header bidding/pre-bid solutions have been quickly gaining traction in the past year.

What is Audience Bidding?

Audience bidding is an in-app header bidding/pre-bid solution that pre-fetches winning bids from premium bidders through a direct connection. Publishers can increase their inventory exposure through simultaneous requests to 70+ demand bidders with a single SDK call. This eliminates the inefficiencies of maintaining multiple call order setups in your primary mediation, thereby optimizing your existing waterfall with winning bid bills across price points.

How is Audience Bidding Different from Other In-App Header Bidding Solutions?

  • Audience Bidding has a huge global footprint of diverse advertisers. With over 70+ demand partners, publishers get access to the industry’s largest demand landscape.
  • InMobi overlaps carrier-verified audiences, primarily acquired through its acquisition of Pinsight Media in 2018, with first-party publisher data. This enriches every request with audience data that can be used to segment users and helps in identifying and creating audience segments that appeal to premium advertisers.
  • While advertisers today are largely able to target audiences and measure the impact effectively, publishers struggle to understand what advertisers are buying. Publishers usually have limited/no access to the rich advertiser data. Audience Bidding gives publishers unwalled access to a first-of-its-kind audience insights dashboard, giving them in-depth visibility into user intent (demographic data, clickstream data, location trail, etc.) as well as advertiser interest for users (like bid landscape) at a device/segment level.

If you are interested in sustaining high eCPMs while uncovering and increasing your ARPU, Audience Bidding is your best bet.

Whether you are working with an in-house mediation platform or with an external one, Audience Bidding can be easily integrated into your tech stack through a nimble and robust SDK.

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About the Author

Neeraja is a Product Marketing Manager at InMobi, focussed on InMobi’s Publisher Platform. She has an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Simon Business School, Rochester and is passionate about learning about new and innovative technology products.

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