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Launching the world’s most advanced native advertising platform

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on April 29, 2014
Launching the world’s most advanced native advertising platform

We at InMobi often use the phrase “10x thinking” when set strategic goals or validate ideas. Its a way of saying we believe in going after problems that are 10X harder to solve. It also means we don’t believe in doing incremental improvements.

Improving the user experience for mobile ads is one of them.

Late last year we took an ambitious goal of improving the ad experience on mobile devices by 10X. The march towards that goal started with a committed effort to build the most advanced native advertising platform in the market.

The Challenge

Almost a year back, we started working on this problem - to fundamentally change the user experience on mobile ads & disrupt the mobile advertising industry. The early version of that solution was what we announced earlier this year as our Native Advertising platform.

We started working with select partners to build, validate and optimize truly native ad experiences that we wanted to create together. Unlike banners, native ads require deep customizations, unique to each app and that takes time. You also need to work closely with advertisers and agencies to make sure they can create ad units to your native specifications.

This is one of the core reasons, why native advertising has largely remained within the walled gardens of a handful of top publishers. Interestingly, 65% of all mobile advertising today is already native, but limited to just five-six big companies.

We want to put the power of native ads in the hands of every developer out there! We also wanted to make sure, the platform we built was the most advanced in the world. Period.

Democratizing Native ads

Introducing InMobi Native Ads from InMobi on Vimeo.

The UI is WYSIWYG. You can see live previews of how your design will look when implemented and edit it right there in the UI. When you are ready, you can simply save the unit, quickly integrate with our SDK and go live shortly thereafter .

It just works !

Infact - you can test drive the product UI without even registering or logging in to our system, go ahead, give it a try!

Why would we build a product and give it out without even requiring registration? Because we want every developer, even those who swear by banner ads, to see what is possible with native ads from InMobi.

We are putting the power of our native ads platform in your hands today. The freedom to break up with banners is within reach, finally! You can choose between full screen native interstitial ad units or fully customizable native content ad units that you design from scratch.

One of our early partners said "InMobi has provided us such a fantastic opportunity to access premium Native Ads which is something we never imagined”. Endorsements like these are what keep us going to achieve our 10X goal!"

The Future

As we open up the platform, we expect to work with several new developers, including those who never monetized before, and offer native ad experiences to every mobile user in the world!

We are keen to see what developers do with our platform and the amazing ad experiences they will build with it.

Results from our beta period

In our test period, we served Native Ads in 35+ countries, built out a network that was ~20Bn Native Ad Requests a month and validated that average performance was 4-5X better than banner ad units! We are halfway there to our 10X goal !

InMobi Native Ad Requests by Country

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