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Meet My New Friend, Miip

Naveen Tewari
Naveen Tewari
5 min read
Posted on July 16, 2015
Meet My New Friend, Miip

It’s been a tiring last few days, but I have finally had a chance to read all the reactions pouring in from all circles about our exciting Miip launch this week. Before anything else, thanks to everyone who joined us at our event in San Francisco.

I can’t deny the fact that I am extremely happy that most of you noticed exactly what we were trying to do--to put a face on advertising. I truly believe that this is something that is missing in today’s world.

Ads are omnipresent--be it on mobile, PC, billboards or television--people are exposed to ads almost every minute of their lives. So advertising cannot remain a disconnected stranger to the user anymore. It needs to become more personal, it needs to have a familiar, trusted face, something that can make it more friendly to the user. At least a little bit, I hope.

Taking inspiration from the real world, we at InMobi thought about the shape this face should take. How do you discover new things in the world in the absence of an ad that informs you about it? The industry term is “word of mouth”, but the simpler phrase is, “A friend told me about it.”

Very rarely do you discover anything new all by yourself. You often rely on friends to make suggestions about something you might love, find useful, or that will make your life easier. Don’t you often have a friend who gives you that nod of approval when you are about to buy something? You might see yourself in the mirror and think you look stunning, but if your trusted friend tells you that you look terrible, you probably won’t buy that shirt.

We believe Miip will be able to do exactly that--it will become your trusted advisor, making personalized, relevant suggestions from everything from shopping, to movies, to music, to travel, and more. There are endless possibilities to be discovered.

Your mobile phone is a deeply personal device, or a lonely experience. We want Miip to be your friend on your mobile, and to take your hand and show you things you never knew existed. This companion will accompany you on your journey from place to place, and from one life-event to another.

Here’s the best part--the Miip on your phone is your own. Only yours. This is your friend. We have created a billion Miips and they are waiting to meet you. In the next few months, your Miip will be with you and will be ready with suggestions that will help you make better “discoveries” in the world.

And yeah, I really hope my daughter likes this new friend of hers and helps me get that monkey off my back!

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