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Meet the InMobi Exchange Team: Francisca Etchegaray

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on August 18, 2023
Meet the InMobi Exchange Team: Francisca Etchegaray

Francisca joined the InMobi Exchange team to manage demand partnerships in October 2021. In this conversation, she shares insights about her role and her #LifeAtInMobi.


Tell us about your role at InMobi

In my current role at InMobi, I work with the demand partnerships team. My team is responsible for working with a lot of InMobi’s demand-side platform (DSP) partners and handling their demand for buying inventory from InMobi.

What made you join InMobi?

As a professional in the ad tech space, I was already familiar with InMobi before becoming a part of the team. What ultimately swayed my decision to join was the extensive global presence of InMobi and its prominent reputation in the mobile advertising industry. After a few rounds of interviews, I was able to acquaint myself with my future colleagues.

One memorable conversation was with my current manager, who shares a similar career path before joining InMobi. This interaction allowed me to gain honest insights into the company's culture, a sentiment that was echoed in my other discussions with the team. These conversations quickly showed me how I could fit into the team and assured me of the growth of opportunities that lay forward. In essence, the candid conversations and the transparency of InMobi's culture influenced my decision to join.

What is it like working with the InMobi Exchange team?

So far, it's been quite the ride! Everyone is super collaborative and a lot of fun too. Coming from a supply-side role, I have found working with demand partnerships to be incredibly engaging and a real team effort. Moreover, getting to work on the gaming side of things has been a new experience for me, especially since I was looking to expand my career horizons.

Due to the global nature of the team means we need to juggle our schedules a bit and coordinating across different time zones can be a little tricky. But the kind of global exposure we get in return is simply amazing. It's eye-opening to get to hear all these different perspectives and insights that you just wouldn't get from a domestic market. And that's one of the great perks of being part of a team like ours!

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Being in San Francisco while most of my team is on the East Coast of North America, which means my workday kicks off bright and early. I usually start by going through my emails and chats, making sure I have got everything covered before their day wraps up. Then, I dive into client emails and check how we are performing.

The latter part of my day is all about those bigger, strategic projects and objectives that our team needs to zero in on. The nice part about having my team on the other coast is that it gives me this chunk of time in the afternoon to really get into those projects and strike a nice balance in my day. It's a different kind of rhythm, but it works for me.

What makes working at InMobi different from other organizations?

InMobi's culture is truly one-of-a-kind. It's an upbeat, go-getter kind of place where everyone is all in, always ready to step up and lend a hand. I have enjoyed getting to work with colleagues from all corners of the globe, learning about different markets, and teaming up with folks across different functions.

In a lot of places, each department is kind of in its own bubble, often based in one specific location. But that’s not how things work at InMobi. What's really interesting is how we are all collaborating across the globe, and also feeling like we are truly getting to know one another.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work

Outside of work, you will usually find me out and about, soaking up the great outdoors. I am a big fan of gardens and hiking trails – there's just something about being out in nature that's very refreshing. I also have an adorable Basenji who's always up for a trip to the dog park. Apart from that, I am pretty into art and visiting museums. There's something about the art world that just draws me in.


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