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Mobile Brings it Home for the Holidays

James Riess
James Riess
Head of Mobile Strategy, North America
5 min read
Posted on July 18, 2014
Mobile Brings it Home for the Holidays

Whether you are in apparel or consumer electronics, if you are interested in influencing shoppers’ online or in-store behavior during the 2014 holiday season you are probably considering mobile as part of the solution. If you’re not, you certainly should be.

According to the Ipsos Holiday Shopping Study, more than 75% of all smartphone users will use their smartphone for holiday shopping and 1 in 4 will make a purchase on their phone.* No matter what channel consumers use for purchase, mobile advertising will have a big impact on the decision – bigger than ads they see on TV or online.

A bigger impact than TV! How is this possible? Major advances in targeting, creative, and attribution have put mobile advertising on top this holiday season.

Start with Audience

As brand marketers know, the starting point of a successful campaign lies in defining the target audience - and today mobile marketers can reach their optimal audience at scale to steer almost every aspect of the holiday purchase decision. Brands interested in driving consideration can target users based on their device type, location, demographics, interest, and behavior, or combine multiple dimensions to create user personas that match their target. Brands who want to reach users further down the purchase funnel should consider location based targeting.

Geo fencing has been used successfully in campaigns for a couple years now, but only now are marketers realizing its full potential to drive retail traffic to their store and away from competitors. Imagine you want to buy your son the newest version of a smartphone. You are walking into your neighborhood mobile phone store when you are served a mobile ad for $100 off the Samsung Galaxy S5 along with directions to a nearby retail location. That is the unique power of mobile to deliver the right message to the right person at precisely the right moment.

Stand Out with Creative

Talk of mobile campaigns always brings up the thought of small banner ads on small screens, but today’s creative options go way beyond banners. Brands need the ability to choose from multiple formats to stand out from their competition. Some of the options available now include rich media experiences that leverage user data to create user relevance, mobile videos that create a brand narrative, and native advertising that improves the user experience by seamlessly integrating with content. More creative options mean marketers have a larger platform to drive brand interaction and engagement.

Prove ROI from In-store Purchases

Ok, but how do I know it’s working? Through advanced attribution solutions it is now possible to quantify the impact of mobile ad exposure to in-store visits. By connecting the digital and the physical we can help our clients understand the incremental impact on sales, closing the loop on the metric that matters to brands – ROI.

Get Started Now

So if you are looking to make a sales impact this holiday season, consider making InMobi a big part your plan. We can help you maximize your mobile investment this holiday season. With our turnkey holiday solution your brand can:
1. Reach your target audience at scale at a time and place when they are most likely to be in a shopping mindset
2. Engage your prospects through rich creative experiences
3. Quantify the impact of mobile ad campaign on in-store visits

Contact James at james.riess@inmobi.com

* Ipsos 2013 Holiday Shopping Intentions Study

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