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Mobile Video Ads - Everything a developer needs to know - Part 1

Abhishek Khurana
Abhishek Khurana
Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on September 07, 2016
Mobile Video Ads - Everything a developer needs to know - Part 1

After “Mobile is Eating our World” it’s time for “Video is the new HTML”, and building on these thoughts of Benedict Evans, we at InMobi are proud to introduce the #WinWithVideo series which we kickstarted last week with a webinar (Download: Presentation, Video Recording) on the mobile video ads. This blog is part of the same series elaborating on types of video ad formats and creative trends prevalent in the industry.

Full-screen Video Ads

A full-screen video ad is a short, high-definition video which can be skippable or non-skippable, based on the publisher’s preference and occurs at natural breakpoints within an app, such as the end of a level in a game. A great user experience coupled with a buffer-free stream of the video guarantees better eCPMs for publishers and lower CPA for advertisers, demonstrating the true power of video.


This example is illustrative.

This video ad format is ideal for advertisers looking to acquire new users by driving app installs as we found that users acquired through a full-screen video ad were more valuable than users acquired through an interstitial ad; and the cherry on top - 50% lower cost per action, ensuring a better return on your investment! Ideal for gaming publishers, this ad format delivers double the eCPMs of interstitial ads - for the same slot.


Performance on InMobi as compared to Interstitial ads

  • Placement: Publishers can place this ad at logical breakpoints in their game such as while the user waits for matchmaking to complete, or when the user clears a particular level. Publishers also have the option of choosing skippable or non-skippable video ads, in-tune to their app’s user experience.
  • Length: If the advertiser targets skippable inventory, the maximum recommended length is 15s and if the advertiser targets non-skippable inventory, the maximum recommended length is 10s.

Rewarded Video Ads

A Rewarded video ad is a non-skippable, high-definition video which a user opts in to watch in exchange for virtual goods or gifts within the app. Rewarded video is seeing huge adoption within the game developer community due its non-intrusive nature, with the added benefit that often encourages players to stay with a game longer than they might otherwise.


This example is illustrative.

Advertisers with the objective to increase brand awareness objective or drive app installs benefit from this intriguing ad format. Given that the user chooses to opt-in to view the video, this ad format delivers over 90% completion rates. The users acquired through Rewarded video ads have been found to be very valuable with upto twice the LTV of users acquired through interstitials. Recommended for gaming publishers, they too enjoy a 3-5x increase in eCPMs,and a non-intrusive, retention-friendly experience for their apps.


Performance on InMobi as compared to Interstitial ads

  • Placement: Publishers can place this ad at storefronts (the most common placement), the start of gameplay for a booster bonus, end of gameplay for an extra life, etc. Refer this article for an in-depth guide to rewarded video placements.
  • Length: Due to the non-skippable, non-intrusive nature of this ad format, the ad should be between 10s and 30s for optimal impact.

Splash Video Ads

A splash video is an ephemeral non-skippable video ad, lasting for a few seconds, which surfaces prior to the app launch. While the publishers benefit from a new source of inventory opening up, advertisers get access to the user’s prime-time. What really sets this ad format apart from the rest is access to the users’ undivided attention ensuring that the message is relayed to the user.


This example is illustrative.

Advertisers looking to increase brand awareness, or market a new product launch akin to television advertising where they put ads just before a show or movie starts, should opt for this format. This format is suitable for both gaming and non-gaming publishers.

  • Placement: Apart from the launch screen, publishers can also place this ad whenever app resumes in the foreground.
  • Length: Since the ad is non-skippable and appears in the critical path of the user attempting to open an app, the ad should be no longer than a 5 secs segment.

Splash Video Ads is definitely opening doors to new inventory which can be an additional seasonal boost to the revenue.

Stay tuned for the part-2 where we will cover more video formats. Always #WinWithVideo!

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