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Remarketing - The Next Wave in Growth Marketing

Piyush Shah
Piyush Shah
Chief Product Officer
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Posted on June 29, 2016
Remarketing - The Next Wave in Growth Marketing

Over the years, advertisers have come to rely on InMobi’s performance solutions to unlock new avenues of growth. From gaming developers to large retailers, we work closely with our customers as their trusted partners to acquire quality users and scale their businesses locally and globally.

But over the course of our travels in the past year, meeting with customers from San Francisco to Beijing, we’ve observed the conversation shift from focusing on acquiring users to worrying about retaining them. We’ve heard the lexicon shift from Reach to LTV (lifetime value) and DAUs (daily active users), and from CPIs (cost per install) to Cost per Action.

Fundamental consumer behavior trends are driving this paradigm shift. Despite the investment in acquiring users, an average mobile app is retaining only 23% of DAUs within 3 days of it being installed. The 3-7 day period in an app’s post-install life has become critical in engaging users before they lose interest or uninstall. Yet, more than half of all users are turning off push notifications.

Clearly, our customers today need smarter ways to engage users at multiple touch points along their journey. So earlier this year, we set out to meet this need through remarketing.

We incubated this zero to one solution design separate from our core business, giving it the priority and focus it needed. Over the months, the team has worked closely with some of our strategic customers to unlock higher LTV and conversions, and today those campaigns are scaling and driving results that exceed expectations. We’re at the stage where we can finally share our excitement and unveil InMobi Mobile Remarketing.

InMobi Remarketing extends our performance solution end-to-end across the user lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention.

Today, we partner with one of China’s largest O2O (online to offline) players to cross-sell and upsell their installed users and drive app transactions. Segmenting users based on the type of products they’ve bought, like movie tickets or restaurant bookings, we show them offers for other related products, thus driving up overall transactions and increasing user loyalty.

India’s largest fashion e-commerce player had the goal of activating users who haven’t bought anything after a week of installing their app. We deliver this by nudging them to make their first purchase, showing them relevant products they’ve indicated interest in (added to their shopping cart, searched for or viewed them) and leading them back into the app to purchase.

One of the world’s largest social networking apps had a slightly different goal, to re-activate their long term dormant users. We’re helping them do this across 10 countries, retargeting those who have been inactive for months, to spark their interest, nudge them to open the app and re-engage with it.

Aside from offering unmatched scale, what makes InMobi Remarketing a truly unique solution in the market today is the power of our SDK and recommendation engine.

InMobi’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is directly integrated with 30,000+ mobile app publishers enabling us to harness premium inventory supply as well as fulfill diverse advertising demand. The power of our SDK integration enables complete creative control to deliver a compelling storefront-like user experience via rich, dynamic formats like native carousels, interstitials and video, deep-linking users directly into the buying experience seamlessly, simulating offline shopping as closely as possible.

Lastly, our recommendation engine is powered by data science that precisely targets audiences based on holistic insight into their usage and purchase behaviour derived from first, second and third party data signals. Deep integrations with tracking and attribution partners enable plug and play data transfer and seamless optimization, enabling us to pinpoint the right context and time to nudge a use to purchase.

Personally, watching this effort go from zero to one to beyond has been an immensely rewarding experience and I’m proud of the team that has been working hard to exceed our customer’s expectations. But the journey is just beginning. Retention is the new growth hacking, remarketing is the next wave in mobile performance marketing, and InMobi has a critical role to play as a true ecosystem enabler.

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Piyush Shah is InMobi's Chief Product Officer responsible for the overall vision, strategy and direction for the InMobi product portfolio. Previously he was InMobi’s VP and GM for Performance Advertising and Developer Platforms.

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