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Seize the moment #1: Brands need to market to the moment. Here’s why.

Ramya Rajan
Ramya Rajan
5 min read
Posted on November 18, 2014
Seize the moment #1:  Brands need to market to the moment. Here’s why.

Seize the moment is a series that captures mobile marketing strategies for brands to win consumer moments on mobile.

So far, Brands have relied on broad consumer archetypes to understand consumers and the way they can be influenced to purchase. This approach to consumers involved classifying them into cohorts based on mindsets - the collection of ideas that determine their outlook, attitudes, and presumably, their purchase behavior.

However, the days of this generic approach are clearly numbered. Today’s ‘always-on’ consumer can’t be quickly stereotyped by a dipstick approach to consumer understanding. She makes decisions in far more complex ways as she experiences different moments in life.

Why Moments?

A consumer’s mindset inextricably changes from moment to moment. That ‘spendthrift fashionista’ might have recently started checking out gyms, reading health blogs, looking for healthy recipes, clicking on fitness related ads, and using expense apps. As she currently zips through the shopping mall, she might be looking for affordable gym shoes, and not a designer dress, in that moment. Her buyer persona needn’t always dictate her impulses. Mobile is the only common denominator that can cut through changing moments and moods, reach new audiences in unparalleled ways, and leverage new signals to truly begin to understand consumer moments.

In the battle for consumer attention, consumers are moving targets through their own journeys. Consumer moments are up for grabs, and Brand marketers who tap these moments most successfully will be the ones who win.

With moment marketing, Brands can tailor their messaging to make it hyper-relevant to a consumer’s context and maximize the possibility of uptake. Being top-of-mind is now not nearly as important as being on top of the moments in consumers’ lives and delighting them with topical and relevant marketing.

Mobile : The secret sauce for moment marketing

“Being there” with a consumer at a given moment is intuitively efficient with mobile advertising. A car maker who wants to drive awareness of a newly launched car can target consumers depending on their intent, location, context, interests, and more in a given moment.

The consumer, an auto-enthusiast, is reading the morning news: The car maker may choose this moment to quickly inform a news-seeking consumer about a newly launched car, and invite her to sign-up for a test-drive. A Native Ad seamlessly blends with the newsfeed and provides the right nugget-sized information bite for consumption during a hurried morning.

The consumer is in the bus in the afternoon: During this down-time, a rich media ad might allow the consumer to play with a car’s features, engage, and toy with the idea of buying a new car.

When the consumer is relaxing at home in the evening: This is the best time to fully engage this consumer and drive purchase. A form-capture video could showcase the car’s features and encourage the consumer to sign up for a test-drive.

Which Moments should Brands Choose?

Brands need to determine the Moments of Maximum Opportunity, when consumers are likely to pay attention and demonstrate interest in a brand message. These opportune moments are truly precious and as a result the most valuable opportunities for marketers.

To determine these moments of maximum opportunity, consumer impulses at passion points need to be regularly understood and analyzed.

Once determined, savvy Brands can easily aim for relevance by not only participating actively with consumers during important moments, but also enhancing their experience with useful, relevant information. Can your brands help consumers find the food they are looking for, locate the right stores, or learn about interesting new products when they want to shop? With the right moment marketing strategy,Brands can genuinely touch and positively influence consumer lives.

So, Moments matter. What’s next?

To make moment marketing a reality, Brands need to

  1. Understand the context: Understand consumer moments, and learn about the moments of maximum opportunity that are up for grabs.
  2. Enthrall with content: Tell a compelling story at the moment of maximum opportunity, with a creative canvas.
  3. Reach the consumer: define the relevant audiences, and be able to easily target and reach them at the scale needed to reach your goals.

The real question then, isn’t really why brands need a moment marketing strategy. It’s how they can best create and implement one.

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Our next post in this series covers exactly how brands can implement moment

marketing on mobile. Wait for the moment!

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