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Why I Joined InMobi: Philip Gale

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on November 15, 2021
Why I Joined InMobi: Philip Gale

Philip Gale joined InMobi in September 2021 as our Head of Agency Development for Europe. Learn more about him and why he likes working at InMobi. 

What are your responsibilities at InMobi? 

The Agency Development team essentially drives net-new revenue through evolved product and service offerings. This means that while we are speaking to the same agencies as the rest of the sales organization, we are not having the same conversation. Our focus is to drive solutions that allow our customers to demonstrate innovation and take more ownership of their technology stack. In return, this creates much deeper dependency on our business and services, safeguarding our future business. 

What is it that most excites you about these responsibilities? 

I think the best aspect of this role is the fact we get to talk to our customers and really understand their challenges, which we ultimately try to solve with  them. I love thinking outside the box, challenging existing mindsets and solving problems (I think I get this from my time as an engineer) and forging partnerships that work towards making something better, more efficient or eliminating a problem. There is a certain satisfaction when you succeed in this type of task, as it’s tangible, you can immediately see the impact! 

Is there a particular experience you had in the past that shaped your current career ambition? 

When I first set out in my career I was in the aerospace industry testing military aircraft. While I loved being in and around modern helicopters and fighter jets, I couldn’t help but feel stifled by the speed at which the industry moves. Anything aircraft related is regulated to the highest level, for good reason, but as a fresh-faced graduate I wanted something faster paced, something I would have to work to keep up with. Enter digital advertising! In 2012 I jumped out of aerospace and into mobile advertising, which is completely the opposite end of the spectrum and keeps me on my toes every day! I think this is the reason it has kept my interest over the last nine years and will likely to continue to do so for many years to come. 

Why did you join InMobi? What is it in particular about the company’s purpose that motivated you to pick us? 

I grew up in mobile ad tech, and after spending a few years agency side I always knew I wanted to return. InMobi is one of the longest standing mobile ad tech businesses around and has survived the ups and downs that the space has experienced over the last 10 years (where many businesses have not).  

I was particularly drawn to the emphasis on creating value for consumers (mobile users) rather than simply being a supply-side business with a focus on monetizing developer content. I think products like Roposo are real examples of this in play, and I think this strategy is what drives new experiences and true innovation. 

How does that align with your vision for your career? 

My career aspirations are quite simple really. I want to be a respected leader in my industry of choice, and I want to enjoy the ride! Being part of a business that is successful in its growth, respected in the industry and an innovation driver are all important aspects that I look for when I path my career. I believe InMobi ticks all these boxes. Even though I am still in the initial stages of my InMobi journey, I already feel like I’m getting real value back from the business that supports my career growth. I think this two-way value exchange between an employer and an employee is crucial to get right and often overlooked, especially by the employee since they are often led to believe that receiving a paycheck is enough. For me it’s only half of it. Positive growth in both yourself and your career is just as, if not more important, in the long run. 

What have you observed about InMobi’s culture and working environment? 

During my interview stages I was impressed to be speaking with employees that had upwards of eight to nine years behind them at the company. Since joining, I can now see why. There is a very real family culture here at InMobi that I believe travels right up to the highest level.  

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it makes you feel part of something, which is a very basic human need. You can’t be proud of something you are not part of, and everybody wants to be proud of where they work. Being proud means you are happy, and you cannot excel at your profession if you are not happy.  

Secondly, at InMobi, we value freedom with integrity. This means there is an expectation that you will manage your own affairs and will have the freedom to do so (which reflects a healthy family relationship). This promotes individual ownership, which is empowering, and if your feel empowered you want to succeed and make the family proud.  

So, when we talk about the InMobi family, it’s not just a buzz word that says we care. It’s way more than that. It leverages a complex relationship model that triggers fundamental emotions that we were all born with, emotions that are designed to give us the best chance at succeeding in life (sorry, got a bit deep there!). 

What would you tell new recruits about the company? 

I would tell them to only apply if it’s a role that you are passionate about. There’s no room for coasters in this business, especially at this stage of our growth. However, if you are passionate and want to be part of the family then apply; be yourself through the interview and if you do get the role then you will love being part of the family. And enjoy the ride as it’s about to get bumpy! 

What is a little known fact about you that people would be surprised to hear? 

I still have a baby tooth 😊 

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