DelightRoom Grows Global In-app Revenues by 80% with InMobi
In-App Monetization

About DelightRoom

DelightRoom is a South Korean company well-known for their app, Alarmy. The app has 1.9 million daily active users (DAUs) over the world mainly in the USA. Known as the world’s most annoying alarm clock app, Alarmy has been featured in Gizmodo, CNET, and the Huffington Post, and is currently #1 in its category in 70 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea.


increase in daily ad revenues delivered by InMobi
increase in fill rates delivered by InMobi

In monetizing Alarmy, well known as 'world's most annoying alarm clock app', it was very important for us to find the right partners that can serve enough ads for our heavy traffic. We evaluate the performance of our monetization partners very strictly, but InMobi has been the trusted partner in terms of abundant volume of fills.Though it's only been a short time since we implemented InMobi integration, we're excited to see the significant growth in ad volume every month and their potential value. We expect InMobi to soon become one of the key partners to our ad revenue strategy.

Sean Lee
Director of Monetization, DelightRoom

The Challenge

Alarmy featured banners and native ad formats to drive seamless user experience. The brand was in search for a leader in the advertising space to monetize their global traffic and maximize yield while delivering a great user experience at a global scale to manage operations across multiple regions.

The Solution

Alarmy partnered with InMobi that brings exclusive access to hundreds of DSPs and over 5000 programmatic buyers representing top brands from across the globe.  InMobi monetized the banner ads to deliver impeccable growth in daily ad revenues and increased fill rates. This association has helped DelightRoom strike the right balance between achieving high revenues and providing uninterrupted and seamless user experience at a global scale.

The Results

Alarmy, has seen spectacular increase ad revenues and fill rates:

~ 87% increase in daily ad revenues delivered by InMobi

~ 80% increase in ad revenue recorded via Amazon TAM with InMobi (between July and August)

~ 900% increase in fill rates delivered by InMobi

Alarmy Notification
Wake Up First
Multiple Alarm Mission
Sleep Music

Product Used

InMobi Exchange
Reach Premium In-app Audiences Programmatically
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