InMobi Helps Kayac Successfully Monetize Their Hypercasual Gaming Apps
In-App Monetization

About Kayac

Kayac is one of the world’s leading developers of entertainment and gaming content, including several  trending hypercasual mobile gaming apps. Although they are based in Japan and have a global footprint, around 90% of their in-app traffic comes from the U.S. Some of their top apps include Park Master, Paint Dropper and Masking Print – all three of which are among the top 50 puzzle game apps in the iOS App Store. 


increase in monthly revenue from InMobi, Jan. to Nov.
Over 16x
increase in daily ad revenue from InMobi, Dec. to Nov.

“Both globally and especially here in Japan, the hypercasual mobile gaming industry is hypercompetitive. To stay ahead of the competition, we need to constantly be innovating. Thanks to InMobi, we can focus on new game development while also being confident that our existing titles are being effectively monetized. I would recommend InMobi to any app publisher or developer looking to maximize advertising revenue from their properties.”

Yudai Hatasa
Producer of Kayac


Starting in December 2019, Japanese mobile gaming app publisher Kayac began monetizing their apps with InMobi, as InMobi was seen as a leading global source of advertising demand for their banner ad inventory. As of November 2020, InMobi helps Kayac monetize the following apps: Park Master, Noodle Master, Paint Dropper and Masking Print. While the hypercasual gaming market has been growing at a rapid pace, it can be difficult for app publishers and developers to gain significant market share and ensure they are building out new apps at a fast-enough clip to fulfill demand for new titles. This core focus served Kayac well in 2020, as they were able to release multiple new titles in the year even with their staff working remotely. As such, Kayac wanted to focus on building and growing new apps, not advertising monetization. By working with the in-app advertising experts at InMobi, Kayac could focus on their core strengths, knowing that InMobi could handle all of their ad monetization needs.


Overall, Kayac has seen great success from its partnership with InMobi. Not only has their monthly revenue from InMobi risen 230% throughout the first 11 months of 2020, but their daily ad revenue from InMobi increased by over 16x between December 2019 and November 2020.
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InMobi Helps Kayac Successfully Monetize Their Hypercasual Gaming Apps

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