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InMobi Helps Boost Win Rates 1.5x Through Industry-Leading Location Signals
In-App Monetization

About is the leader in programmatic advertising built for the precision and scale of CTV, addressable, and mobile advertising. They work with the largest buyers of localized advertising, including multilocation brands, agencies, local media groups, networks and trading desks. These companies utilize to deliver performance on high volumes of campaigns and provide deep insights into their dynamic audience, bringing them one step closer to truly personalized, one-to-one marketing.

Since the beginning of 2019, has leveraged InMobi Exchange in order to help its various clients meet and exceed their in-app advertising and mobile marketing goals and benchmarks in the U.S. and around the globe. utilizes InMobi's platform to deliver in full for large agency campaigns, often helping them drive in-person footfall and store visits. They access InMobi’s SDK-direct supply through both private marketplace deals and open exchange buying.

InMobi’s clean location data is particularly valuable to InMobi's GPS lat/long data is higher quality than many other sources available to, helping campaigns precisely target and attribute conversions for appropriate users. In terms of location data cleanliness, InMobi is one of their top five exchange partners.


greater win rates than other location sources
higher win rates than other DSPs using location signals
higher render rate than other DSPs using location data
less eCPMs than the top spending partner

Our partnership with InMobi is invaluable thanks to their attention to clean, meaningful signals that create an environment for location data success. InMobi demonstrates that inventory monetizes better with clean signals and breadth of media. Additionally, InMobi is a crucial partner of ours in the ever-growing omnichannel ecosystem across media, including mobile.

Paul Harrison
CTO and Co-Founder at


Overall, has seen tremendous success from their longstanding partnership with InMobi, with InMobi Exchange now being one of their top three sources of in-app supply. Compared to similar DSPs,’s win rate is 3% greater and their render rate is 35% greater than what others see, even though their bid rate is only around half that of their competitors. The quality of InMobi’s location data has been especially valuable to When bids on requests with GPS lat-long supply, their eCPMs are 0.7x less than the top spending partner on the same supply. This high-quality location data is also key for ensuring that’s clients accurately reach high-impact audience segments like sports enthusiasts and Hispanic consumers at sufficient scale. As a result of this partnership, is consistently one of the top five DSPs on InMobi Exchange. In 2020, they are on track to spend 1.7x more on InMobi Exchange than they did in 2019.
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InMobi Helps Boost Win Rates 1.5x Through Industry-Leading Location Signals

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