L’Oréal Paris Encourages Citizens to StandUp Against Sexual Harassment of Women
L’Oréal Paris Encourages Citizens to StandUp Against Sexual Harassment of Women
L’Oréal Paris Encourages Citizens to StandUp Against Sexual Harassment of Women
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A world-renowned brand that has become a part of the beauty industry’s DNA for over 110 years, L’Oréal, as the #1 beauty brand believes that beauty is beyond mere appearances. The brand’s philosophy goes past the mere supplier and consumer relationship and is instead focused on being an inclusive brand that supports women empowerment, diverse cultures, ethnicities, and traditions. 


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InMobi Case Study

Stand Up is an international program that targets to train 1 million people by 2021. In Indonesia, L’Oréal Paris encouraged Indonesian public at large, which includes 100% of L’Oréal Indonesia employees, from the board of directors to staff and Beauty Advisors and Trainers. The mobile advertising campaign with InMobi has not only helped us deliver the message effectively but also used the right media mix of rich media and video ads to reach out to Indonesians. We are pleased to see the desired change that we were able to drive in the society, and are elated with the results.

Maria Adina
Maria Adina
Brand General Manager L'Oréal Paris Indonesia

The Objective

According to an Ipsos Survey* conducted in Indonesia, 82% of the women interviewed shared that they have been harassed at least once, while a meagre 25% received help in these situations. Unfortunately, 86% of witnesses didn’t know how to respond to such situations due to a lack of education on the subject. Committed to elevating the sense of self-worth and courage in people, L'Oréal Paris launched the #WeStandUp campaign in partnership with Hollaback! Jakarta. The objective of the initiative was to increase awareness about sexual harassment in Indonesia, help victims and witnesses combat the problem by educating them about the 5D methodology through an extensive training program and encourage bystanders to intervene. The training program is designed to help prevent street harassment and build safe, inclusive spaces for all. To begin with, L’Oréal Paris launched an in-house campaign to train 100% of the employees working for the organization, including both women and men, to intervene safely and successfully if they experience or witness sexual harassment. On International Women’s Day 2020, L’Oréal Paris took the campaign outside their offices and onto the streets. To drive awareness, the brand needed to reach Indonesians from all walks of life and encourage them to join an online training program to learn how they can help flatten the harassment curve.

The Objective

The Solution

As part of the digital campaign, L’Oréal Paris partnered with InMobi and Wavemaker to design an innovative experience for this inspiring project. With Indonesia being the 4th largest smartphone market in the world, L’Oréal Paris intended to use a mobile-first approach to reach out to Indonesians and educate them to stand up and be responsible. The brand created a thought-provoking, interactive experience comprising of full-screen rich media ads and vertical video ads to instantly grab the attention of a viewer. Through the InMobi Audiences platform, the brand targeted men and women aged between 25 to 40 years in Indonesia – considered most likely to be a victim to or a witness of street harassment.

The Solution

Unique Messaging for Victims and Witnesses with an Interactive Ad Unit

The brand aimed to generate awareness among two audience cohorts: victims and witnesses by delivering unique messaging to each of them. Evidently, the journey and needs of each cohort are different: while victims go through physical and mental turmoil due to harassment and need to gain their self-confidence back, witnesses are often unsure of the ways to approach and intervene in such situations.


1. Empowering Victims to Stand Up

To educate victims to address such situations and deal with them effectively, L’Oréal created an interactive ad unit with the right mix of rich media and video ads in three simple steps:

Step #1: The full-screen rich media creative introduced women to the StandUp initiative and helped them understand that the first step in fighting sexual harassment in public spaces is by acknowledging if they had ever “Been a victim” of it. The mobile-first experience ensured that it was a personal and safe space for women to take this crucial step.


Step #2: Every victim, who was ready to take a stand against harassment, was encouraged to gauge their preparedness through an interactive vertical video. The video presented viewers with a hypothetical harassment situation and elicited their response to stop it.


Step #3: Having chosen to not look the other way, the victims were then invited to join the StandUp training program along with 140,000 people across the globe so they could learn to fight back and cope with the trauma.



2. Encouraging Witnesses to Take Action 

More often than not witnesses want to take action but do not know what to do. With 86% of witnesses not knowing the ways to help victims, L’Oréal encouraged witnesses to learn the appropriate steps to intervene.

Step #1: The customized creative for citizens who identified themselves as witnesses presented the proven 5D formula for preventing or stopping street harassment. 

Step #2: Through the StandUp training program, witnesses were invited to learn how they could delay, distract, document, call the harasser out, or ask for help in such a situation.

In both instances, once a user clicks on the CTA ‘Join Training,’ they are redirected to the digital training program facilitated by Stand Up International, where users can access necessary training sessions.

The Results

The campaign raised awareness and engaged thousands of Indonesians by providing them with a personal and safe space to acknowledge and help address the issue, thereby driving impactful change within the community and assisting women to stand up for themselves in their most vulnerable moments.
The Results
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