PharmEasy Makes it Easy for Online Medicine Repurchasers
PharmEasy Makes it Easy for Online Medicine Repurchasers
PharmEasy Makes it Easy for Online Medicine Repurchasers
PharmEasy Makes it Easy for Online Medicine Repurchasers
Identifying Target Audience, Engaging with Customers, Acquiring New Users

About PharmEasy

Launched in 2015, PharmEasy provides accessible and affordable healthcare solutions for consumers in India. By delivering healthcare products, medicines and providing diagnostic services and tests right to the consumer's doorstep, PharmEasy has become a leading online pharmacy aggregator and the highest-rated online pharmacy app in India. Today, their network spans over 22000 serviceable pin codes and 1000+ cities across India, catering to the needs of over 2 million families.


MoM increase in the prescription uploads*
MoM increase in the first orders*
medicines ordered by users who uploaded prescriptions
InMobi Case Study

"Reaching and acquiring offline consumers who were moving to online purchases of medicines was an important opportunity for us. InMobi has helped us drive this initiative with its advanced and innovative mobile-first capabilities including precision targeting, Glance One Click Install, and retargeting. We are elated to meet our outcomes at such a consistent yet huge scale."

Vaibhav Deshpande
Vaibhav Deshpande
AGM Marketing, PharmEasy

The Brand Objective

Typically, when users buy medicines at local pharmacies, they do all the hard work, from going to the store physically to haggling with the pharmacist. There are moments in users' busy lives when they don't have the time to go to a pharmacy but still need critical medicine. This is where PharmEasy comes into the picture. With a simple three-step process, users can buy medicines online and get them delivered right to their homes at a convenient delivery time of their choosing, all at discounted prices. Given the ease of access, PharmEasy aimed to encourage users to complete the simple three-step process to get their medicines delivered home. The brand aimed to increase the share of users who would upload prescriptions on the app, especially those with the need to make repeat purchases. Additionally, with the onset of the pandemic, regular local pharmacy visitors started purchasing medicines online through e-Pharmacy aggregators. This was an unmissable opportunity for PharmEasy. The brand delivered medicines and provided other healthcare services, including lab tests, OTC products that users could avail from the convenience of their homes without having the need for stepping out during a difficult time. Hence, PharmEasy aimed to become the preferred platform for the online purchase of medicines.
The Brand Objective

The Solution

PharmEasy and InMobi created a mobile-first strategy to reach the right audiences with the right messaging that would help the brand reach out to consumers with high purchase intent, enable them to upload prescriptions, and thus, drive planned orders from these repeat consumers.
The Solution

Reaching the Right Audience with the Right Message

The first step to achieving key results was to accurately identify the core audience. PharmEasy leveraged InMobi Audiences to target patients with chronic illnesses, regular medicine buyers, hospital or local pharmacy store visitors, who are in the need of medicines, especially during the pandemic when going to a local store was considered risky. InMobi deployed its polygon mapping technology around key locations and combined it with various interest-, demographic-, appographic-, and technographic-based traits to identify the audiences accurately. 

PharmEasy reached out to these audiences with a simple breakdown of the reasons why they should use the app. 

  1. Availability of medicines, lab tests, OTC products, all under one umbrella 
  2. Quick delivery of medicines within 48 hours 
  3. Lab tests were done right at the convenience of home 

Enabling One-click Install (OCI) on Glance

PharmEasy leveraged in-app advertising that optimizes campaigns based on advertiser goals - be it app installs, registrations or purchases, ensures unmatched quality with multiple supply channels, acquires and re-engages users at scale with advanced mobile capabilities optimized to maximize conversions. 

The brand needed a highly engaging platform that provides immersive experiences while enabling a simple process to install the app. To reach out to audiences across the country, the brand needed to leverage a platform with a wide reach and high engagement. PharmEasy leveraged Glance, a platform that reaches over 120 million user daily and has an average time spent of 23 minutes a day. Just like PharmEasy delivers medicines across India, Glance engages users across India, with 45% of audiences constituting of metro city residents, 35% from tier-II cities, and 20% from the rest of India. 

To drive installs at scale, PharmEasy created immersive creative that grab the users' attention at first glance. By delivering a seamless, screen-zero content experience on the lock screens of the user, the brand recorded higher visibility. Furthermore, powered by the One Click Install (OCI) feature on the Glance creative, users could install the app with a single click without having to visit the Play Store. 

Activating Prescription Uploads and First-orders

With the idea of enhancing conversions, PharmEasy users with promotional codes to avail diagnostic services and medicine orders at discounted prices. Providing discounted prices and cashbacks acted as a trigger for users to download the app and upload prescriptions to place the orders by using the promo codes during checkout. 

When stepping out was considered risky during the lockdown, PharmEasy provisioned a full-body check-up at home with 70 tests – a repeated periodical practice that patients get done as a preventive measure to find out any possible healthcare concerns. Additionally, the brand also enabled COVID antibody tests on the app.

Reactivating Dormant Users Via Retargeting

As the last step to drive incremental conversions, PharmEasy leveraged InMobi's Retargeting capabilities to identify the following custom sets of audiences: 

  1. The users who have 'added to cart' yet haven't placed their orders in the 8-30 days window.
  2. Cohorts of high intent users who browse for pharma medicines on the app and add that to the cart in a week.
  3. App installers with no activity on the app beyond seven days of the download.
  4. All app installers beyond seven days of activity but logged in the last three days.

PharmEasy re-engaged registrants and inactive app users with an offer to avail free Amazon Prime Membership for three months along with a discount code that nudged them to upload prescriptions, place their first order or repeat orders. This initiative worked wonders for the brand as OTT platform consumption2 hit massive peaks, with consumers preferring to watch videos more than ever.

Creative 1
Creative 2
Creative 3
Creative 4

The Results

Reaching out to medicine buyers in India, targeting the offline to online pharmacy audiences and effective retargeting measures ensured that the brand has seamlessly driven the sequential journey of app installs, registrations, first-orders, and repeat purchases.

The Results
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