Case Study

Discover How Mobile Marketers Are Leveraging InMobi

Star Sports Ignites the Cricket Passion with the #ThirstForFirst Mobile Campaign

Tata 1mg Boosts On-demand Healthcare Adoption by Remarketing with InMobi

N-URC Gets Filipinos Slurping with its Tonkotsu Ramen Experience on Mobile 

Paddle Pop Thrills Parents and Kids with the "Choco Magma Land" Treasure Hunt

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Viso Pises Takes a Meaningful Step with Mobile to Spread Detergent Awareness

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Pepsodent Evokes Confident, “Merdeka” Smiles with an AI-powered Brand Activation

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Swiggy Rescues “Foodies in Need” with a One-Click Install Experience on Glance

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InMobi Leverages Rich Media to Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement with Lux by Unilever

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Castrol Strengthens Brand Recall with Blended In-game Advertising

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