InMobi Launches in the US Market

Published on June 14, 2010

InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile ad network with operations in London, San Francisco, Bangalore, Tokyo, Mumbai and Singapore, today announced its official launch in the US market. InMobi already maintains 2 billion US ad impressions monthly following its soft launch in January 2010, today's announcement officially extends the industry's most expansive global network to US advertisers, publishers, and developers. In less than six months, InMobi has more than doubled from 7.5 billion to 16.7 billion available impressions monthly across Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. This broad mobile media platform now offers US advertisers the unprecedented ability to reach 179 million consumers in over 108 countries through a single integrated buy. "After two years of rapid expansion around the world, InMobi is in an excellent position to help global brands capitalize on mobile advertising's reach, performance, and creative impact," said Anne Frisbie, VP & Managing Director, North America. "With 3G and 4G smart phones expected to be in the hands of nearly 2.75 billion consumers globally by 2014, we are perfectly positioned to be a priority digital media buy for US global advertisers." "InMobi has been a key partner for us since 2008. Few, if any, mobile ad networks can match InMobi's scale and performance around the world. Their entry into the US market extends their reach even further, and we are delighted to be working with them as our global partner," added Mark Rosner, CEO of Zedge. "As one of the leading US mobile publishers and InMobi's first US-based partner, we have been a part of their international expansion since 2008. This launch confirms InMobi's position as a leading global mobile advertising network and as such we have already extended our partnership to include the US market," said Ashwin Puri, VP Business Development & Marketing at Vuclip. "InMobi's reporting and analytics tools are world-class and provide the control we need as a partner to drive performance," said Justin Siegel, CEO and co-founder of mobile social network MocoSpace. "We have already committed to InMobi's expansion within the US, recognizing the benefits of their technology in this market." Table 1: InMobi Growth in Available Impressions: January 2010 to May 2010 (In billions rounded to nearest hundred million)   

Source: InMobi Internal Figures for January and May 2010 ** Middle East and Oceania account for the remaining 600 million impressions globally Since its inception in 2007, InMobi has grown to enable advertisers, application developers and publishers to reach mobile consumers in 108 countries. This unparalleled reach, coupled with its superior results, have enabled InMobi to achieve early profitability in the highly-competitive, fast-growing mobile advertising sector. InMobi's mobile customer discovery delivers superior results through its intelligent, self-learning technology. This is enhanced by InMobi's recently-launched AdROItTM advertiser analytics technology, which delivers automated performance improvements in real-time. InMobi global clients include: Reebok, Quaker Oats, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Barclays, Yahoo, and Google.

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