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InMobi Unveils Global Multi-Screen Report for Marketers

Published on May 23, 2013
InMobi Unveils Global Multi-Screen Report for Marketers

Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network Reports that 62% of mobile web users indulge in multi-screen activities while watching TV

SINGAPORE. May 23, 2013

InMobi, the leading innovator in mobile advertising and the largest independent mobile advertising network, today unveils its first global report into multi-screen viewing behavior.  The study surveyed 15,000 mobile web users across 14 markets and provides marketers with valuable insight into the ways in which consumers engage with content across multiple screens. The report uncovers that mobile now ranks first in media consumption among mobile web users, who now consume 108 minutes of the average seven hours of media consumed per day via their mobile device.

Daily consumer media consumption overview



Time spent

1 Mobile 108 minutes
2 Online/PC 93 minutes
3 Television 92 minutes
4 Radio 52 minutes
5 Tablet 37 minutes
6 Magazines 35 minutes

The global study revealed that 62% of mobile web users indulge in multi-screen activities while viewing TV, with social media as the most likely activity that a consumer will participate in while multi-screening (48%). Key highlights of the study included:

  • 46% of respondents indulge in instant messaging
  • 30% reported playing games or listening to music
  • 18% reported searching for additional information about the products seen on TV

Multi-screen behavior was fairly consistent across numerous audience segments, however Millennials aged 20-34, were most likely with 69% showing multi-screen behavior.  The clear acceptance across numerous audience groups offers a breadth of opportunity for brands that are looking to capitalize on a broad audience segment. Commenting on the study, Shrikant Latkar, VP of Global Marketing at InMobi, said: “The growing trend of multi-screen viewing provides a valuable opportunity for marketers to connect with television viewers through mobile devices.  TV viewers are already using mobile devices while they watch programs on the big screen, and they seem to be looking for ways to augment the experience through their tablets and smartphones.”

Mobile Impacts Purchasing Behavior

The global research finds that an impressive three quarters (75%) of respondents had discovered something new about a product via their mobile device and nearly half (45%) stated that mobile had influenced their in-store purchase behavior. As consumer acceptance of mobile continues to develop, marketers should expect increased opportunities to come out of multi-screen commerce. “It’s imperative that marketers develop and execute a multi-screen strategy to provide a deeper brand experience that reaches across multiple channels and devices.  Consumers are beginning to demand content that is relevant for the context they are in, and we believe that marketers can significantly increase engagement time and interaction if they implement savvy multi-screen strategies. Forward thinking marketers have already started to plan their media buying activity holistically across TV, print, digital and mobile, and we expect this trend to accelerate in the coming year.” concludes Shrikant. The announcement follows the release of the InMobi whitepaper: Multi-screening. The who, what and when for marketers. For the whitepaper, please visit: http://inmo.bi/13INBiGInMobi will also be conducting a webinar discussing the results. You register for this FREE webinar at:


About the Mobile Media Consumption Study

To better understand changing media consumption usage and behaviors across the world, InMobi conducted a research study among over 15,000 mobile web users in 14 markets, including: China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, France, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa. InMobi recruited respondents via its global mobile ad network between August and November 2012, and used Decision Fuel’s and On Device Research’s mobile web platforms to collect a representative sample, including a full range of Smart-phone & feature phone users. The sample was weighted according to available mobile web demographics.

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