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InMobi survey shows many young Egyptians are confident about the country's future.

Published on April 16, 2012
InMobi survey shows many young Egyptians are confident about the country's future.

A recent survey conducted in Egypt by global mobile advertising network, InMobi, delivered some interesting insights into the views of young, politically engaged Egyptians in the run-up to the country's upcoming elections. The study surveyed 1,795 mobile web users in the 18 to 34 year old age bracket, all of whom indicated their intention to vote in the upcoming election. A significant majority (79%) of these survey participants anticipate that Egypt’s economy will improve in the future, with 40% of all respondents confident that this improvement will be significant. Perhaps not unexpectedly, the level of the optimism over Egypt’s economic future varies according to the political alignment and gender of those surveyed. Supporters of the Islamist Bloc and the Justice Party were most positive about the anticipated economic improvement, while male respondents were, on average, more optimistic than their female counterparts. Despite a fairly high level of respondents (20%) who preferred not to reveal their political desires concerning the future leadership of their country, 25% of all respondents pointed to the Islamist Bloc as their preferred future political leaders. This was closely followed (and within the margin of error) by the Justice Party, which enjoyed 23% of the responses. The preferences of the remaining 32% of respondents were split between other parties like the Egyptian Bloc, New Wafdand the Revolution, among others. Interestingly, the individual policies and backgrounds of individual political candidates appear to carry more weight amongst the Egypt’s voting youth than do the candidates’ actual party affiliations. The majority of respondents pointed to the policies of political candidates (44%) and the background of the candidates (40%) as key deciding factors in their choice of who to vote for. Only 5% cited the candidate’s party as one of their most important voting criteria. When asked whether they believed the upcoming elections would be fair, more than 60% of respondents indicated that they believe this will be the case. Here, too, there is a greater level of optimism amongst male respondents than female with 62% of males saying they believe the elections will be free and fair, but only 50% of female respondents sharing this optimism. While a majority of those surveyed indicated a strong preference for democracy over other forms of government in Egypt, responses show that it is Egypt’s religious leaders (65%) and its military (71%) that are seen by young Egyptians as having the greatest potential to positively influence its economic and political future. 70% of respondents cited corruption as their primary political concern over the past two years, while 50% pointed to a lack of economic prosperity as a limiting factor in the country’s development. Against this backdrop, the vast majority of respondents (89%) said that a fair and equal judicial system is very important for the country going forward, while 66% would like to see regular, honest and democratic elections in the future. “With Mobile being the highest consumed Media type in Egypt, reaching the public using mobile advertising, or conducting real-time research using mobile devices is highly effective”, says Moses Kemibaro, Africa Sales Director for InMobi. The survey was conducted in partnership with Decision Fuel, who used the InMobi network to recruit respondents onto their mobile survey platforms, as well as analysis of the data collected. Colin Marson, Executive Director at Decision Fuel said "the InMobi mobile platform provided us with a unique access point to the views of the young politically active segment of the population."

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