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Mindshare Singapore selects InMobi as its Mobile Advertising Strategic Partner

Published on August 24, 2012
Mindshare Singapore selects InMobi as its Mobile Advertising Strategic Partner

InMobi, the largest independent mobile advertising network, today announced a strategic partnership with Mindshare Singapore, the global media network, whereby InMobi will work with the agency to deliver highly innovative and engaging mobile advertising campaigns for its clients. The strategic partnership provides Mindshare Singapore access to InMobi’s deep network, award-winning creative services built on InMobi’s Sprout platform, advanced targeting and analytics, such as InMobi Ad Tracker, as well as custom brand and industry level research, as mobile advertising continues strong momentum in Singapore. Mobile ad spend in the Asia-Pacific is the highest in the world, at USD $2.56 billion. Singaporean consumers spend 50% of their time online/surfing the web through their mobile device, opening the doors for advertisers to target the new wave mobile consumer in Singapore. “Having worked with InMobi in the past, we went into this process looking for a deep strategic partnership to deliver at scale across their deep network, award-winning work and in-depth engagement analytics which has demonstrated real value and service to our clients,” said Prabhvir Sahmey, Head of Mobile at Mindshare Singapore. Sahmey added: “When considering a strategic partner for Mindshare Singapore, InMobi was a perfect fit. InMobi’s reputation in across Asia-Pacific among brands, advertisers and publishers is second to none. We are excited to enter this partnership with InMobi, which is the first of its kind in the region and will help propel the mobile ad market and will bolster Mindshare’s mobile proposition.” “Mindshare Singapore represents many of the world’s largest and most admired brands, and we’re honored to be their mobile advertising strategic partner,” said Phalgun Raju, InMobi’s Regional Southeast Asia General Manager. Raju added: “As we enter the golden era of mobile, smartphone penetration in Singapore continues to deepen, with nine out of every ten consumers using smartphones. Mindshare Singapore has been in the forefront of bringing mobile rich media to their clients and developing their mobile advertising strategies. Branded mobile rich-media advertising provides beautiful and immersive experiences that truly engage on the go consumers at rates significantly higher than online. We’re super excited at the range of mobile engagement opportunities for Mindshare Singapore’s clients.”

About Mindshare Singapore

Founded in 1997 Mindshare was set up to pioneer and innovate in order to give our clients a competitive advantage. In the intervening decade, it has been the world’s fastest-growing media agency – and it has witnessed a true communications revolution. Both for right now and for the future our ambition is to lead the definition of what a media agency can do and should do. Mindshare exists to solve its clients’ communications problems and to deliver results. In a rapidly changing environment, its role is to make the complex simple – whether through advanced analytics and strategy, elegant creative solutions or highly efficient media investment.

About InMobi

InMobi is the largest independent mobile advertising network. With offices on five continents InMobi provides advertisers, publishers and developers with a uniquely global solution for advertising. The network is growing and now delivers the unprecedented ability to reach 587 Million consumers, in over 165 countries, through several billion daily mobile ad impressions. The recent acquisition of Sprout, a leading HTML5 authoring platform for mobile rich media, helps expand the InMobi offering to creative agencies and brands. InMobi is venture-backed by investors including: SoftBank, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures. The company has offices in Bangalore, London, New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Paris, Madrid, Hamburg, Dubai, Seoul and Moscow. To learn more, please visit www.inmobi.com/research, follow us on Twitter @InMobi, or read our blog at www.inmobi.com/inmobiblog/.

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