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InMobi Advances Apple’s Privacy-First Vision, Launching New Capabilities for Driving iOS App Growth, Leveraging SKAdNetwork Attribution

Published on March 06, 2023
InMobi Advances Apple’s Privacy-First Vision, Launching New Capabilities for Driving iOS App Growth, Leveraging SKAdNetwork Attribution

Pioneering Automated Platform Supports All Iterations of SKAN Globally, Including New 4.0 Version


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 7, 2023 – InMobi, a leading provider of mobile marketing and monetization technologies, announced its new industry-first, proprietary programmatic bidder to better drive iOS app performance for growth marketers without relying on user-level identifiers. Complementing InMobi’s traditional demand-side platform (DSP), the pioneering automated bidder is built from the ground up to rely solely on privacy-safe data signals when optimizing programmatic media buys while leveraging Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) attribution framework. 

Apple’s release of SKAN 4.0 brings more insights into campaign performance, unlocking even more powerful optimization and measurement capabilities—creating renewed optimism among performance marketers for the future of iOS app growth. With more than half of digital dollars now earmarked for mobile—now 68% of all digital spend—InMobi can help marketers invest in understanding and maximizing SKAN 4.0 with a purpose-built solution to thrive in the privacy-first era.   

Since the rollout of SKAN 2.0 in 2020, InMobi has been handling audience targeting and campaign optimization at massive scale, without relying on Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) due to robust testing on Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) users in iOS. With the accelerating cadence of SKAN improvements, advertisers are shifting more budget towards SKAN-compliant campaigns, which now represent nearly 80% of iOS spending on InMobi’s DSP. This has allowed InMobi to accumulate a substantial repository of privacy-compliant iOS campaign performance data which informs the machine learning that drives optimization, enabling maximum performance and efficiency at scale, with the newly launched automated bidder driving nearly 1 million iOS installs since the start of 2023, as measured by SKAN.    

“When Apple first announced ATT and SKAdNetwork, it added complexity for marketers and we saw a clear opportunity to expand our suite of mobile app performance offerings to power media buying and optimization in this new privacy-first world,” says Navin Madhavan, Vice President of Revenue and Operations for InMobi Demand Platforms. “Working closely with our most innovative clients, we developed deep expertise on Apple’s privacy-preserving attribution framework across our media buying, product, engineering and data science teams. The result is a proprietary solution that helps leading app growth marketers consistently exceed their KPIs on iOS while adhering to Apple’s strict privacy parameters.”  

InMobi’s DSP is integrated with every leading mobile ad exchange and its new SKAN specialized bidder supports all currently released versions of Apple’s attribution framework, including the new 4.0 version. SKAN 4.0 delivers campaign performance insights more rapidly, frequently and with higher granularity than previous versions, unlocking more powerful optimization and measurement capabilities all while respecting user privacy—creating renewed optimism among performance marketers for the future of iOS app growth.  

“While earlier versions have been spotty with adoption, SKAN 4.0 finally tips the scales in favor of more widespread adoption by advertisers,” says Adrienne Rice, Director of Media Investment at M&C Saatchi Performance. “The meaningful improvements narrow the functionality gap, enabling performance insights to come more rapidly, often and predictably; it’s more important than ever for advertisers and their agencies to work with media, measurement and reporting partners who have deep SKAN expertise, solutions and real-world experience.” 

Some notable enhancements of SKAN 4.0 include: 

  • Multiple Postbacks: Simplified delivery and new insight into post-install events 
  • Hierarchical Source IDs: One hundred times more opportunities to uncover learnings that improve optimization 
  • Hierarchical Conversions: Performance insights come more rapidly, predictably and frequently 
  • Safari Mobile Web Support: Additional privacy-safe channel to reach users on their mobile devices 

With each new SKAN feature release, InMobi works in close collaboration with a contingency of leading app growth advertisers, supply-side partners and all major mobile measurement platforms to rapidly test, deploy and scale the latest updates to maximize performance within our solution. For more information about InMobi’s success driving iOS app performance using SKAN attribution and how your app can adopt SKAN 4.0, please visit InMobi’s SKAN Resource Center.    

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