InMobi and SK Planet Partner to Help Brands Future-proof their Mobile Marketing in South Korea

Published on December 16, 2021

The partnership will empower brands to solidify their mobile audience and marketing strategy 


Seoul, Dec 16, 2021:  InMobi, a leading provider of content, marketing, and monetization technologies that help businesses fuel growth, today announced its partnership with SK Planet ( to help brands in South Korea future-proof their mobile marketing and maximize efficiency. The collaboration brings together the rich intelligence from SK Planet and the end-to-end marketing solutions of InMobi to help brands deliver personalized communications at scale. 

“The third-party cookie deprecation will bring about a fundamental change in the digital marketing ecosystem. And, despite the delay in the final enforcement, we see marketers starting to focus on building sustainable consumer marketing strategies. Through this partnership, brands can target pristine, always-on SK Planet audiences programmatically on InMobi Exchange via their preferred DSP platform,” shared Rishi Bedi, VP and GM, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea at InMobi. “Brands can activate campaigns by leveraging InMobi’s deep programmatic expertise, creative capabilities, and transparent technology to engage their prospective customers.” 

“As mobile continues to reign supreme in terms of media time spent and grow exponentially as the preferred channel for commerce, we are doubling down on our focus on helping brands enhance their mobile marketing maturity. This partnership is another step in our endeavour to ensure that brands find solutions for the new world and transition seamlessly into the era of precision-based marketing,” added Rishi.  

“While consumers are mobile-first today, brands are yet to get their audience strategy right for this medium. Together with InMobi, we are excited to help brands unravel the potential of the SKP Data Management Platform (SKP DMP) to every brand’s consumer insight and mobile audience strategy,” an SK Planet official commented. ”The audiences are built from SK Planet’s owned and operated platforms and other major services in South Korea to power deterministic audiences. 

SK Planet has over 1000 unique audience segments built on high-quality, always-on signals. SK Planet offers three types of segments: 1. Standard Audiences that are built based on demographic and appographic signals, 2. Segment Plus Audiences such as Office Goers, Single-person Households, and Brand Loyalists, and 3. Custom Audiences based on advertiser requirements. 

About InMobi  

InMobi is the leading provider of content, monetization and marketing technologies that help fuel growth for industries around the world. The company’s end-to-end advertising software platform, connected content and commerce experiences activate audiences, drive real connections and diversify revenue for businesses everywhere. With deep expertise and unique reach in mobile, InMobi is a trusted and transparent technology partner for marketers, content creators and businesses of all kinds. Incorporated in Singapore, InMobi maintains a large presence in San Francisco, London and Bangalore and has operations in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, and Dubai. To learn more, visit 

About SK Planet 

SK planet utilizes customer experience data generated through customer contact points of various services as a differentiated competitive factor so that corporate customers can improve their productivity in the operation and management of internal business activities and marketing. Under this direction, business solutions are promoting growth centered on Industrial IoT solutions in consideration of scalability of application fields and market opportunities. The marketing platform is evolving into a data-based performance marketing platform through the digital currency of OK Cashbag and Data business centered on Syrup wallet. 

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