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InMobi Guarantees 100% In-App Mobile Ad Viewability

Published on November 18, 2015
InMobi Guarantees 100% In-App Mobile Ad Viewability

Most Comprehensive Guarantee: All Ad Formats, Globally, to Provide Mobile Advertising that Brands Can Trust

San Francisco, November 18, 2015 – InMobi, the world’s largest discovery platform, today announced a guarantee of 100% viewability for all in-app mobile ad campaigns, aligning to the Media Rating Council’s future guidelines for in-app viewability measurement. Viewability guarantees to advertisers that their mobile ads were seen, and increases accountability. The InMobi guarantee applies to all in-app ad formats, globally, including banners, interstitials, video and native ads, whether bought direct or via private programmatic deals—making this the most comprehensive viewability guarantee from any mobile advertising provider. The announcement comes just as brands are ramping up their Q4 mobile ad spending in advance of the biggest shopping season of the year.

Digital and mobile advertising are facing credibility and measurement challenges with ad blocking, fraud, and ad clutter. Ensuring viewability is part of the InMobi vision to reimagine mobile advertising and empower seamless discovery—by putting users first, providing higher quality ads and effective ad formats and measurement that brands can trust. For brand advertisers, the guarantee means greater exposure and reduced risk on advertising investments.

InMobi is offering a 100% viewable guarantee for all in-app mobile campaigns bought directly or via private programmatic deals in order to give buyers the most comprehensive viewability offering possible. Advertisers will pay based on viewable impressions that are charged on a CPM-basis (or vCPM), verified by an independent third party, Integral Ad Science.

“InMobi has always charged brand advertisers for 100% in-view (also known as rendered) impressions, not served impressions. By offering a 100% viewability guarantee, we are just taking our commitment to quality one step further, and providing independent, third-party verification,” said Abhay Singhal, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, InMobi. “We are committed to becoming the largest in-app mobile marketplace that provides 100% viewable, brand-safe, and fraud-free impressions.”

Iain Jacob, President EMEA, Starcom Mediavest Group, said: “Viewability and ad fraud are areas that Starcom Mediavest Group take extremely seriously and we are working hard to eliminate these issues. We are delighted that our partners at InMobi can now offer this 100% guarantee—they have certainly set the standard for the rest of the industry to follow. This is an impressive development that will allow us to deliver the very best mobile solutions for our clients.”

“At Mindshare, 100% viewability is the minimum quality standard we expect from our publishing partners, this will soon be a non-negotiable element. We use third-party verification and viewability tracking on all programmatic media and are moving the same standards into our reservation buys as well,” said Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific, Mindshare. “We are working with our mobile partners like InMobi to curate more interesting formats which immerse the users without disrupting core behaviors. Why should an advertiser invest a single dollar in any channel or media if the message cannot be seen?”

“Viewability is a top priority for our clients, and we’re pleased to see InMobi ensuring both measurement and quality in this area,” said Krish Sailam, Senior Product Manager for Mobile, IPG Mediabrand’s Cadreon. “We leverage the best-in-class technology to deliver the most comprehensive, highest-performing programmatic solutions on the market, and the new viewability guarantee from InMobi will help ensure results for our advertisers.”

“With the majority of all digital media time spent in-app, brand advertising dollars are beginning to follow. As a result, brand advertisers are demanding assurance of the value and the quality of their purchased mobile media,” said Jason Cooper, General Manager of Mobile, Integral Ad Science. “InMobi’s 100% viewability guarantee combined with our independent verification provides the trust and assurance that brands need.”

For more information about the 100% viewability offering from InMobi, please visit www.inmobi.com/viewability.

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