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InMobi Launches Industry’s First Remarketing Platform That Is Designed and Optimized for Mobile

Published on November 03, 2016
InMobi Launches Industry’s First Remarketing Platform  That Is Designed and Optimized for Mobile

Platform delivers over 3 million monthly, in-app conversions for top apps in retail, entertainment, travel and gaming categories

San Francisco, CA - November 3, 2016 - InMobi, a global mobile advertising and discovery platform, announced today the launch of its mobile-first, in-app remarketing platform in the U.S. The platform enables performance marketers and app developers to retarget existing users across InMobi’s global platform comprising of 1.5+ billion unique mobile devices. Leveraging the platform, advertisers can now execute a comprehensive mobile growth strategy across the entire conversion funnel from prospecting and acquisition to driving post-install activation and maximizing ongoing engagement and purchases over a lifetime.

The platform works well for a wide range of performance marketing goals including, but not limited to, driving:

  • First Purchases or Incremental Sales - e.g. A retail app can target recently acquired users with custom offers to drive the first purchase;
  • Subscriptions - e.g. Music apps can showcase a carousel of trending bestseller tracks, encouraging existing users to sign up for more subscriptions;
  • Incremental Rides -e.g.A cab hailing app can retarget existing users during peak office hours and promote ride discounts to maximize bookings;
  • Level-ups - e.g. Gaming apps can re-engage users stuck at a particular level by incentivizing them with level-up sweeteners to maximize retention.

InMobi’s remarketing platform is the first app-to-app remarketing platform that is designed and optimized for mobile and offers unique and powerful capabilities, such as:

  • Advanced Ad Formats including Video Ads - Marketers can leverage advanced ad experiences such as video, carousels and native ads to maximize in-app conversions;
  • Dynamic Audience Builder - Advertisers can segment and retarget app users in real-time based on in-app behavior, purchase history and other personalized attributes;
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization - Leveraging deep back-end integrations with the advertiser along with user context signals, the platform delivers personalized creatives that are updated in real-time based on stock availability, price, user context and profile;
  • InMobi SmartBidder - Campaign bids are modified in real-time based on users’ propensity to convert, and to maximize Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).

These features, combined with InMobi’s global SDK (Software Development Kit) footprint guarantees complete control of the creative experience and also enables a seamless deeplinked in-app experience.

The platform is currently being used by a wide range of clients in the US including top retailers, game developers, travel and entertainment companies. While retailers have seen an average RoAS of 7 to 8, travel apps have witnessed 60-80% uplift in incremental rides. Entertainment and gaming apps have been able to reactivate up to 15% of dormant users and achieve a 5-6X growth in average revenue per user (ARPU). The platform has also been leveraged by several global clients such as Nuomi in China, Zalora in Southeast Asia and Myntra in India.

“InMobi's remarketing platform is a strong extension to its existing suite of robust user acquisition solutions. For advertisers buying at scale, the remarketing platform offers a flexible, events-based rules engine for audience segmentation and campaign optimizations by processing billions of in-app user events per day. This, combined with personalized creatives and Kochava’s configurable attribution settings and deep-linking capabilities, make for a powerful combination to reach your target audience,” says Charles Manning, CEO at Kochava.

“App-to-app retargeting is a complex business and very few players have the right mobile-first technology to do this effectively, let alone at scale,” said Abhay Singhal, co-founder and Chief Revenue Office at InMobi. “After seeing great success with a wide range of clients globally, we are excited to launch this platform in the US today.”

For more information on the InMobi Remarketing solution, please visit: https://inmobi.com/products/remarketing

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InMobi enables consumers to discover new products and services by providing contextual and personalized ad experiences on mobile devices. Through its revolutionary advertising and discovery platform, app developers, merchants and brands can engage mobile consumers globally. Recognized by Fast Company as one amongst the Most Innovative Companies in the world for 2016, InMobi reaches over 1.5+ billion unique mobile devices worldwide.

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