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InMobi To Invest Into Craft Breweries

Published on April 01, 2015
InMobi To Invest Into Craft Breweries

Beer is known to fuel much of the best work of app developers. At the recently held Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, InMobi Appy Hours and Drinking Horns were a rage among developers. In response to the needs of developers, InMobi today announced its intent to invest into craft breweries to bring great, and deep-discounted beer to developers around the world.

The Brewers Association defines craft breweries as breweries that are small, independent and traditional. The small and independent nature of craft breweries restricts the availability of craft beer to developers, connoisseurs of such beer and all things indie. As a platform with global scale, InMobi is in a unique position to tap into local sources and create a sustainable, global supply chain to bring great craft beer to developers. This investment will underwrite a significant portion of the cost and will give developers a supply of craft beer at a deep-discount. Due diligence on target investments is in progress .

"Craft brewers are very similar to indie app developers - they are known for their innovation, developing unique twists to classic themes and putting the consumer at the center of their work. We are excited to invest into this industry, and look forward to bringing the best beer to developers at a low cost." said Manish Dugar, Head of Finance and Legal at InMobi.


InMobi looks forward to helping indie developers build great apps, one pint at a time.