Can Native Ads Work for Gaming Apps

Presented by Team InMobi
Tuesday June 24, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT

Native Ads are all about improving the user experience with ads that fit seamlessly into your app design and layout. But when the app is a game, can native ads really do the needful? Or is it too much pain for too small a gain? Previously, native advertising as a medium was the luxury of a few big game studios who had time to customize ads for their partner advertisers - such as replacing a coin/gem in an endless runner game with a brand icon like McDonalds or a Coke can.

The new InMobi Native Ad Platform is specifically designed to be easy to use and a scalable solution for integrating ads seamlessly with every type of app, no matter the layout.

Register for the webinar and you will learn what native ad layouts can work for your game, best practices for implementation and how to integrate with InMobi Native Ads in less than 30 minutes.


Ashwin Venkatraman

Ashwin leads product efforts for all of InMobi's core monetization offerings for developers - across ad formats, publisher tools & portal experiences. Ashwin is a self confessed technology addict and mobile evangelist, who believes in building products that fundamentally improve people's experiences on mobile devices. Prior to InMobi, Ashwin worked most recently with Google in business development , helping publishers monetize their ad inventory effectively.

Tanvi Kapoor

Tanvi has been in the mobile industry for the last 6 years and is successfully using her understanding of the mobile user in the exciting mobile advertising ecosystem. In her latest role, she is responsible for analyzing the inspirations behind mobile usage behavior and identifying the best monetization strategies and ad experiences for mobile users.

Rishabh Chowdhary

An engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Rishabh started his career as a mobile app developer, building commerce and gaming apps on the iOS & Android platforms. He has been working with InMobi since its early days and has been instrumental in building the mobile technology team in the company. Rishabh has worked on various InMobi SDK offerings, and has recently shifted into a global role where he uses his detailed understanding of mobile advertising to guide developers on ad integration and implementation best practices. Rishabh continues his interest in developing personal mobile apps in his spare time.

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