Advanced Analytics, Targeting and Monetization with InMobi and Unity

Presented by Pratik Shah, Product Manager
Thursday May 30, 2013

Given that a lot of effort and money is spent trying to acquire high quality users, it is extremely important to understand user behavior within your app once you acquire them and figure out how to maximize the time spent and money earned from each user. In this webinar, Pratik Shah, Product Manager at InMobi will discuss a few smart techniques to maximize app revenues using the LTVP platform. He will also demonstrate how to integrate the LTVP platform into your app using the Unity plugin in less than 5 minutes.

About the Presenter

Pratik Shah, Product Manager

Pratik is a Product Manager at InMobi and excited about building products that expand the mobile app ecosystem. In his previous life in Investment banking industry, he was an Account Manager at Aegisoft, a New York based high frequency algorithmic trading startup, exiting successfully by acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Besides being an avid hiker on trails such as Everest Base Camp & Yosemite, he has also been active in several associations such as Cambridge MBA ventures, Silicon Valley Comes to UK & Asha for Education.

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