All You Need To Know About Ad Network Mediation

Presented by Team InMobi
Wednesday November 04, 2015 at 10.30 AM IST / 9.00 PM PST / 5.00 AM GMT

The mobile advertising ecosystem has exploded. With hundreds of mobile ad networks out there - each with a unique set of advertisers, mobile app entrepreneurs find that to maximize yield, they must work with multiple ad networks concurrently. Ad Network Mediation is the technology that is used to accomplish this.

This webinar will cover the key components developers need to know in order to fully understand ad network mediation, its benefits and how to choose the right mediation platform.

  • The What: What is Ad Network Mediation?
  • The Why: Mediation benefits and why is important for you.
  • The How: How does Ad Network Mediation actually work?
  • Choosing the Right Mediation Platform
  • Demo: Hands-on demo on how to Integrate InMobi with Google AdMob - popularly used as a mediation platform.

Dev Ramnane:Dev leads Business Development for the India, SE Asia and Middle East region at InMobi. Dev has 12 years of experience spanning mobile and related tech industries and is passionate about helping any mobile app figure out the exciting world of ad tech and mobile monetization

Shashank Sharma: Shashank leads Supply for India & NA publishers. He has been part of many teams during his seven years in InMobi and has built several adapters for mediation partners. In his spare time he loves to run marathons.

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