Maximizing monetization with InMobi Ad SDK400

Presented by Vinay Uttamchandani, Product Manager
Thursday September 26, 2013

As the world gets ready to come alive on iOS 7, get your iOS 7 apps ready for monetization with InMobi’s New Ad SDK 400. With several market leading capabilities, including 100% support for iOS7, InMobi’s new SDK can help you maximize revenues with advanced ad formats, free analytics and cross-promotion tools, and much more. Join us on this webinar for an interactive session to get an inside peek into what’s new in Ad SDK 400.

  • Learn about our amazing new ad formats that will completely transform the ad experience for your users
  • Understand how to leverage the built-in analytics platform to track metrics such as purchase behaviour, user engagement, level completions and events unique to your app.
  • Learn how to segment app users based on their unique behaviour and target them with powerful and relevant messages to maximize their revenue potential.
  • Get a hands-on demo on integrating with InMobi Ad SDK 400 and get your queries answered on the spot.

About the Presenter

Vinay Uttamchandani, Product Manager

Vinay has been in online advertising for the majority of the last decade. At InMobi, Vinay is successfully using his past expertise to enrich the exciting mobile advertising ecosystem. He is an industry expert on well-known and obscure technologies used in online as well as mobile advertising. He firmly believes that mobile advertising can go where online advertising cannot and is passionate about playing an active role in creating products and solutions to do so.

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