The Ultimate Survival Kit for Mobile Marketers in 2018

Presented by Jayesh Easwaramony, VP & GM - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Wednesday January 24, 2018

With digital spending having officially surpassed TV, the stage is set for 2018 to be the biggest year yet for digital in general, with mobile advertising playing the hero. However, as mobile is growing at a blinding pace, it can be challenging for global marketers to keep up and know what to expect from the coming year.

So, in order to help marketers plan their mobile strategy more effectively, the experts from InMobi partnered with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to present “The Ultimate Survival Kit for Mobile Marketers in 2018”,a webinar which helped marketers understand:

  1. Key areas of mobile investment for 2018
  2. APAC highlights
  3. Success stories
  4. The third front of mobile advertising

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