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InMobi Commerce is the leading, self-service Retail Media Supply-Side Platform that helps retailers solve their biggest problems through full-funnel advertising experiences with video, AI, OffSite media, and retail media mediation.

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Video is the Future of Retail Media

We help retailers realize the true value of their media, data and consumer access while providing brands with tools to enrich storytelling and drive shopper engagement.

OnSite Full-Funnel Ad Experiences

Utilize Video alongside Display advertising experiences to engage with shoppers and monetize your properties as an Ecommerce Marketplace, Network or Platform.


AI-Powered Solutions

Increase efficiency and effectiveness with our AI features to help you automate campaign creation and optimization processes.


OffSite Solutions​

Maximize your Retail Media Network’s reach and revenue by unlocking OffSite media and increasing incremental revenue and usage of audience data.


Retail Media Mediation

Boost revenue, increase ad fill rates and eCPMs with the first Mediation solution built specifically for retailers.


Full-Funnel Ad Experiences with Video

Brand Video Ads

Attract awareness and consideration budgets with ads that capture shopper attention

Shoppable Video Ads

Unlock consideration and conversion budgets with ads that transform browsing into buying.

Sponsored Product Video Ads

Capitalize on conversion budgets with ads that help advertisers stand out among the competition.

Sponsored Product Ads

Capture consideration and conversion budgets using ads that blend seamlessly into site content.

Banner Display Ads

Unlock awareness and consideration budgets while driving traffic through click-throughs and purchases.

Take your retail media program live in whatever way works best for your business, whether through fast and simple Tag Management systems or through a robust Server-to-Server integration solution.

AI-Powered Solutions

Scale Ad Budgets From All Your Brands

InMobi uses AI to provide advertisers with intelligent features that help drive campaign performance and process automation, including:

  • Smart bidders that modify bid values in real-time based on competitive intelligence
  • Campaign suggestions to provide optimized bid values and targeting for self-serve customers.
  • Yield Optimization that can select ads that optimize retailer revenue before every ad is rendered

OffSite Solutions

InMobi's Retail Media Offsite offers a variety of capabilities to retailers to significantly increase audience reach in Mobile while unlocking incremental revenue and traffic. Solutions include:

  • Connections to allow you to partner with your advertisers DSPs
  • Data enhancement for campaigns
  • Expanding mobile solutions through your existing DSP

Retail Media Mediation

InMobi Commerce Mediation offers retailers a simple no-code, open source solution that lets multiple Retail Media Networks participate and contribute to the monetization of specific ad spaces in real-time, boosting revenue and demand diversity within a single platform to streamline reporting and optimization.

We're Answering the Biggest Questions in Retail Media

How can I attact full-funnel national budgets from my top advertisers?

How can I consistently unlock recurring budgets from brands at all spend levels?

How can I maximize the value of my audience data to scale reach and revenue?

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