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18 Things You Didn’t Know About Gen Z [Infographic]

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
3 min read
Posted on April 12, 2022
18 Things You Didn’t Know About Gen Z [Infographic]

Generation Z: Roughly defined as those born between 1997 and 2012, were the first truly digital native – and mobile first – generation. As such, the habits and practices of Gen Z have disrupted business as usual perhaps more than any other generation before them. 

For most marketers today to be successful, they need to able to effectively reach and influence Gen Z. So what does this generation care about, and how do they learn about new products and make purchases? This infographic highlights what InMobi’s own research has shown

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How To Successfully Reach and Influence Gen Z 

As a mobile-first generation, the best way to get in front of and communicate with Gen Z is through mobile apps. And no one knows mobile like InMobi, as we have been pioneers in the realm of mobile advertising ever since the iPhone was first introduced. To learn more, head to inmobi.com today. 

Gen Z Retail Shopping Habits: 

1) 65% of Gen Zers stated they used their mobile phone to make 2021 holiday gift purchases, significantly more than any other age range. 

2) Compared to older generations, Gen Z is more likely to buy beauty products and less likely to buy apparel, especially during the holiday shopping season. 

3) For Gen Z, price is usually more of a determining factor than convenience when choosing where to buy. 

4) Gen Zers are more likely to purchase from live video content (22%) compared to other demos (all under 20%). 

5) Gen Zers are most likely to purchase from influencer content (67%). 

6) Gen Z retail brand consumers learn about mobile apps through friends/family (24%) and advertising (ads on their phone 21%, TV ads 24%). 

Gen Z Eating Habits: 

7) Most Gen Zers (40%) have no diet preference, while 10% are vegetarians and 7% follow a Keto diet. 

8) Gen Zers are more likely to have diet preferences compared to older demos. 

9) Gen Z's #1 snack choice for future consideration was chips (44%) and candy (35%). 

10) Compared to other generations, Gen Zers are most likely to know that most major quick-service restaurant brands have their own app. 

11) About a third of Gen Zers who have a fast food brand on their mobile devices choose to use these apps to save time. 

Gen Z Attitudes on Privacy and Mobile Advertising: 

12) Gen Z is most likely to prefer that mobile apps have ads, rather than having to pay to download apps (60%) 

13) 47% of Gen Zers want to see ads personalized to their preferences. This is significantly more than other generations. 

14) Gen Zers are much more likely to let apps track their activity for advertising purposes, especially gaming and social apps. 

15) They are most comfortable sharing information with cell phone developers and brands they shop from. 

16) 30% of Gen Zers enjoy seeing ads in mobile apps. 

17) They notice video ads more than other mobile ad formats (45%). 

18) After seeing an ad for a product that interests them, Gen Zers are likely to visit the brand's website. 

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