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How To Track Your App Campaigns

Terence Eden
5 min read
Posted on May 02, 2012

How do you know which ad network is working hardest for you? It's an important question. You're spending money on ad campaigns on multiple networks - which ones are driving the most downloads? Which are driving the cheapest way for you to acquire customers? We've come up with a cross-platform and cross-network way for you to track how well your advertising campaigns are performing. Here is a single dashboard which lets you view reports, track how many people are downloading and installing your apps.

InMobi Ad Tracker Screenshot 

We track across multiple touchpoints - web, app, you name it. If you can advertise on it, we can track it. Oh, and as we've mentioned before - there's no requirement for UDID. We use a range of techniques including browser cookies, ODIN 1, and Market Referrer. We support multiple technologies to make sure that if one of the schemes gets deprecated, your reports keep working. Total cost to you? Zero! Zilch! Nada! Nothing! It's 100% free for you to track advertising campaigns. We want you to concentrate on running effective campaigns, and leave the messy business of tracking to us. Sign up to InMobi Ad Tracker today!

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